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लालसाओं की गुफा मन कें स्थित है
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Sexuality and Masturbation

छापें ई-मेल
Sexuality and Masturbation

Nowadays, sexologists and the modern sexual education recommend the practice of masturbation. Knowing the mysteries of human nature, gnosis of yesterday and today does not recommend masturbation, and goes further on, saying that it is a practice that creates severe damage rather than helping the human species.


Kundalini, Sexual Magic and the Great Arcanum

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From the first to the seventh verse, the Apocalypse speaks about the coccygeal centre. In this creative centre the Igneous Serpent is found coiled three and a half times. Whoever awakens it and makes it rise through the spinal cord receives the Flaming Sword and then enters Eden.


Alchemy - Maithuna

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Gnosis and Gnosticism - Sexual Alchemy: Maithuna

It is clear that the one who does not have information other than that of the dead letter,the one who does not understand the double significance of the Biblical verses, the one who has never known the Arcane A.Z.F., interprets these words of the Great Kabir in his own way with only the information that he possesses and believes that with his sect’s baptism or something similar, the problem of the Second Birth is already resolved. For the Mayas, the Spirit is Living Fire and they say, "We must unite what is above with what is below, by means of the water and fire."


Awakening of Kundalini

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"The Kundalini is not a blind force. The Kundalini is not a mechanical force. The Kundalini is controlled by the fires of the heart and can only be developed based on Sexual Magic and sanctity."


The Ascent and Descent of the Kundalini

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"We practice internal meditation to achieve ecstasy; however, we know very well that the Kundalini does not awaken with meditation, because the Kundalini is sexual."



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Love- The Perfect Matrimony

"Love begins with a flash of delicious sympathy, it is substantiated with infinite tenderness, and is crystallized in supreme adoration...The Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings who really know how to love...
To love, how beautiful it is to love. Only the great souls can and know how to love... "