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Zodiacal Sign of PISCIS

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Zodiacal Sign of PISCIS

PISCIS 18th of February – 20th of March

The metal of Pisces is the tin of Jupiter; its stones, the amethyst, the corals. Pisces governs the feet.

Usually, the natives of Pisces have two wives, several children. They are of a dual nature and they have a disposition for two professions or trades.

The natives of Pisces are very difficult to comprehend; they live like the fish, in everything, but separated from everything by the liquid element. They adapt to everything, but deep down, they despise all the things of the world. They are exquisitely sensitive, intuitive and profound and people cannot comprehend them.

The natives of Pisces have a great disposition for occultism, due to the fact that Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of esotericism.

The women of Pisces are very nervous, sensitive like a very delicate flower, intuitive, impressionable.

Pisces persons have good social sentiments; they are happy, peaceful, hospitable by nature.

The danger of Pisces people is of falling into laziness, negligence, passivity and indifference for life. Pisces people can even reach the lack of moral responsibility. The mind of Pisces people oscillates between rapid or fatal comprehension, laziness and disdain for the most necessary things of life. Those are two extremes, and they just as soon fall into one extreme as they do into the other. The will of Pisces people is sometimes strong, but inconsistent on other occasions.

Pisces people of a superior type are one hundred percent Gnostic; they possess a will of unbreakable steel and a very elevated sense of moral responsibility.

The superior type of Pisces produces great Enlightened Beings, Masters, Initiated Kings, etc., etc.

The inferior type of Pisces has a marked tendency towards lust, alcoholism, gluttony, laziness, pride.

Pisces people like journeys, but not all of them can travel. Pisces people have a great imagination and tremendous sensitivity.

It is very difficult to comprehend Pisces people; only Pisces people can comprehend Pisces people.

What for run-of-the-mill people has great importance, is worth nothing for Pisces people, but he is diplomatic, he adapts himself to people, he appears to agree with them.

The most serious thing for the natives of Pisces, is to have to define themselves in the conjugal matter, for almost always, two basic, fundamental loves put them in a dead end alley.

The superior type of Pisces already transcends all these weaknesses and is chaste in an absolute manner.

Usually, Pisces people customarily suffer a lot with the family in their first years.

It is difficult to find a Pisces person who was happy with his family during his first years.

The very inferior type of women of Pisces fall into prostitution and alcoholism.

The superior type of women of Pisces never fall in this manner, they are like a very delicate flower, like a beautiful lotus flower.

"Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology" - SAMAEL AUN WEOR

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Zodiacal Sign of PISCIS
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