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VM Samael Aun Weor: Gnosis in Hindi - VOPUS
हमें एक क्षण से दुसरे क्षण में जीना सीखना है. जीवन एक अनंत अभी है, एक अनंत आज


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Throughout history, many people have wanted to lift the veil of mystery that covers the great truths of existence: Where do we come from? Where are we going to? What is the purpose of our existence? What is there beyond the material world? What is there beyond death?

On the one hand, in their search for answers to these questions, some of these people have appealed to ancient metaphysical philosophies, whilst others embraced the dogmas and rites of the different churches; however, as these churches did not tell the whole truth, they could not quench the thirst that was burning in the heart of the sincere seekers. On the other hand, those who chose the doctrine of agnosticism and materialism, and denied God, became slaves of matter, of fatalism and of their instincts.

This natural aspiration of passing beyond the dimensions of the visible world in order to find a superior answer of a liberating nature, is stronger in a world in which moral and spiritual decadence, ambition, pride, the desire for power, and the satisfaction of the inferior passions have become the common way of life.

Vopus intends to investigate and offer a knowledge that can help the human being penetrate the mysteries of Creation, and make contact with his/her own divine nature. This is the Gnostic knowledge, the wisdom that engenders life and explores the primary truth that gave birth to the world's wisdom in all its branches: art, science, philosophy and religion.

Although studying different aspects of the human culture, different religions and beliefs that have existed all over the world, VOPUS is not against any religion, nor is it a religion, nor proposes a new religion. Throughout the millennia, the light of wisdom has been expressed in many ways, always in accordance with the specific needs of each time and place. Thus all religions are different manifestations of the universal religion that existed and will exist in all ages.

Vopus offers all of us the Gnostic teachings, which have been brought once again to the consciousness of modern men and women by Samael Aun Weor. He was a contemporary writer, who accomplished (by means of his intense study and practice) a spiritual synthesis that is broader and more powerful than all that has been known and practised in our present time.

This site and this knowledge are for those who wish to drink directly from the source of the Mysteries, for those who dare to explore personally the invisible and unknown world. And they do so not out of curiosity or because of a whim, but because they feel that within themselves there is something that is mortal but at the same time something that is eternal - and that eternal aspect yearns for its self-realization.

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