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VM Samael Aun Weor: Gnosis in Hindi - VOPUS
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The World of The Mind

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The World of The Mind, Child, Happiness, Pleasure, Personal Development

This article is about finding happiness. The question is whether getting to know about the mind can help us find happiness...What do we mean when we say, "the mind". In common parlance we use this word in a wide sense, meaning the psyche, i.e. the psychological sphere of a person, including also the spiritual aspect...


Destiny and Karma

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Destiny and Karma - Virtues

"Not only do we pay for the evil we do, but also for the good we do not do when we could"

Samael Aun Weor



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Ego meter (Mythomania)

It is better to be serious people and accept the facts; open the eyes and do not create false illusions.


The Illness Of The Tomorrow

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Hourglass- The Illness Of The Tomorrow

Looking at this question from a strict psychological point of view, any day of our life is really a small replica of the totality of life. From all of this we can deduce the following: IF A MAN DOES NOT WORK ON HIMSELF TODAY, HE WILL NEVER CHANGE..