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VM Samael Aun Weor: Gnosis in Hindi - VOPUS
एक तर्कवादी मनुष्य बाहरी इन्द्रियों का गुलाम है और उनकी आत्माएं निर्योग्य हैं, उस जहाज़ की तरह जो हवाओं के कारण लेहेरों पर अचेत हैं
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नोसिस और नोस्तिसिस्म

Gnosis: The Saving Knowledge

छापें ई-मेल

THE SAVING KNOWLEDGE. The Greek word gnosis means “knowledge”. However, the Gnostic literature does not refer to any knowledge. Gnosis is an outstanding knowledge.


The Gnostics

छापें ई-मेल
Nag Hammadi- The Gnostics all religions one can encounter the idea of the metaphysical liberation of man through gnosis, that is to say, through the integral knowledge; There is a surprising universality in some symbols and in some myths: and therefore we can derive the logical postulate of a common origin of the different religious esoterisms, which necessarily are expressed through the great “exoteric” religions, whose core they are.