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हमें एक क्षण से दुसरे क्षण में जीना सीखना है. जीवन एक अनंत अभी है, एक अनंत आज

Images "Helena Petrovna Blavatsky"

Blavatsky, Helena Petronila (1831-1891), born in Ukraine of German parents. Founder of Theosophy, and Master of Major Mysteries.

As a young woman married the old Count Blavatsky, with whom did not have a marital life, only stood by him a few months. She traveled with him to Egypt, India, Romania, Poland since at that time was very bad seen for a woman to travel alone.

In her journeys, she recompiled data and made contact with paranormal beings. During those trips she met the Grand Master Kuthumi, Moria and Dual kul, Masters of the Ray of Force. She married Colonel Olcott, being elderly, in order to accomplish the Great Work. The harsh sufferings she went through, was due precisely to the difficult mission entrusted to her: to convince skeptics, to whom showed her remarkable psychic powers.

She was accused of dissension, of flam and plagiarism. Seing herself so vexed in public, humiliated, slandered, became ill of sadness and died, this is why they call it "the great martyr of the last century".

Her major works were: "Isis Unveiled" (1877), "The Secret Doctrine" (1888), "The.Voice of the Silence" (1889).

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