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VM Samael Aun Weor: Gnosis in Hindi - VOPUS
सत्य के बारे में हमारी राय, कितनी भी योग्य क्यों न हो सत्य नहीं हो सकती

Images "Astrology and Zodiac Johfra Bosschart"

Johfra Bosschart is the author of the twelve paintings related to the twelve zodiacal signs. It is the best and the only work that has reached to us. The beauty, the colouring, the significance, the ordering and the details of his work have no comparison. Johfra's technique is a primary stimulus for those thirsty and restless spirits who want to delight themselves with images whose content so rich in astrological symbolism has no limits. The surrealism of Johfra masterfully synthesizes the foundations of Alchemy, Cabalah, Gnosticism and the Tarot. Johfra was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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