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The Materialistic Science

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Chiken (The Materialistic Science)

On a certain occasion, a materialistic atheist, an enemy of the living Eternal God, and a religious man, argued. They argued about the subject of which was first, the egg or the chicken? One answered: "It was the egg; of course, it was the egg. And who laid the egg? Well, the chicken". So the other one said: "that it was the chicken. And where did the chicken come from? Well, from the egg". This is a story that never ends.

Finally, a little impatient, the religious man said: "Could you make an egg the way God did it?" The materialist answered: "Yes, I can!" "Do it!", exclaimed the religious man; and the materialist made an egg which was identical to that of a chicken: with its yoke, albumen and shell. Seeing this, the religious man said: "Since you made a marvellous egg, it will produce a chicken. Let us place the egg in an incubator in order for it to be born". "Agreed!", said the materialist and they placed the egg in the incubator, but the chicken never came out...

The sage Mr. Alfonso Herrera, author of the Plasmogeny, managed to create a cell, but a dead cell which never had life.

Alfonso Herrera (The Materialistic Science)

Grafts are made, a branch from another plant is implanted into another, supposedly to improve the fruits. The know-it-alls thus want to correct Nature. What they do is an absurdity. Grafts do not carry the same natural living force of the Megalocosm. Ingested adulterated fruits come to harm the human body from the energetic point of view.

However, scientists feel satisfied with their experiments. They do not understand that each tree captures energy, transforms and retransmits it to the fruits. Upon altering the tree, the energies of the Megalocosm are altered and already that fruit is not the same; it is the product of an adultery and it harms the body.

However, materialistic scientists believe that they know, when really and truly they do not know. They do not only ignore, but what is worse, they ignore that they ignore.

Artificial inseminations are made, the famous spermatozoon, the vivifying cells of an organism are extracted, and already because of that, scientists think that they are creating life. They do not realize that they are only utilizing what nature has already made.

Let us put on the laboratory table the chemical elements which are needed to fabricate a spermatozoon and an ovum. Let us tell the scientists to make the ovum and the spermatozoon. Would they do it? I say that they would. But, would they have life? Could perhaps a living child come out of it? Never, ever, because they do not know how to create life. Therefore, with what proofs do they deny the superior or creative intelligences? If they are not even capable of creating the seed of a tree, a seed that can germinate?

What is the basis that materialists have to deny the creative intelligences? Why do they pronounce themselves against the Eternal?

Has any materialistic scientist been able to create life? When?

To play with what Nature has already made is something easy, but to create life is different. No scientist can do it...

The Materialistic Science (Nature, Darwin, Haeckel)

Are they creating life when they divide an amoeba into two, separate its parts on a laboratory table, unite it with another piece of micro-organism and they say: "Eureka! Eureka! Eureka! We are creating life!" But they are not capable of creating an amoeba. Where is the science of these materialistic gentlemen? When have they demonstrated that they can replace the Divinity? The reality of facts is that they not only ignore, but what is worse, they ignore that they ignore. Facts are what count and until now they have not demonstrated it.

They say that man comes from the monkey. They come out with the theory of the cynocephalus without a tail, the monkey without a tail and the arboreal men, children of the Noeptizoids, etc. But, which would then be the missing link? On what day have they found a monkey that is capable of speaking, gifted with speech? It has not appeared until now. These materialistic gentlemen are ridiculous; they are presenting us with suppositions and not facts.

Let us measure the volume of the cerebrum of the best of the monkeys and let us compare it with the cerebrum of a backward man that may be found, for example, in the tribes of Australia. It is obvious that that monkey would not reach the speaking capacity.

Are materialists, therefore not refuting the theories of Darwin himself and his followers? Does man come from the monkey? On what basis do they sustain it? How do they demonstrate it? Until when are we going to wait for the supposed missing link? We want to see that species of monkey speaking like people. It has not appeared, therefore, it is a supposition of a nonsense that has no reality.

Why do they speak of things that they do not know? Why so many cheap utopias? Simply because they have their consciousness asleep, because they have never become interested in carrying out a psychological revolution within themselves and because they lack the practice of sexual super-dynamics. The crude reality of facts is that they are hypnotized.

Whoever does not practice the teachings of the Revolution of the Dialectic will fall into the same errors of the materialistic scientists.

Charles Darwin (Evolution & Selection of the Species)

Materialistic scientists continuously come out with many theories. By way of example we will mention that theory of the Selection of the Species: an insignificant mollusk develops and from it come out other living species through the process of selection until arriving at man. Can they demonstrate this theory? Obviously not!

We do not deny that in each species certain selective processes do exist. There are birds, for example, that migrate in specific times; one is amazed to see them all gathered, how strange they become; then, they pick up flight to cross the ocean and on the way, they die; only the strongest will survive the struggle. Those that survive the struggle transmit their characteristics to their descendants. This is how the selective law works.

There are species that incessantly struggle against marine monsters and on the basis of so much struggle, they result being strong and transmit their characteristics to their descendants.

There are beasts that on the basis of so much struggle become stronger and stronger each time, transmitting their psychological characteristics to their descendants.

Never has natural selection been able to present to us a new species upon the stage of existence. Nonetheless, many are those who have given selection the characteristics of a Creator.

Much has also been said about the protoplasm. From the protoplasm which is submerged in the salty sea since millions of years ago, from that protoplasm it is said that universal life came.

Protist materialists make their ignorant followers believe, like themselves, that the psychological development of the intellectual animal, mistakenly called man, comes from the molecular development of the protoplasm and that it marches parallel with the processes of the same.

Protists want the consciousness, or however they may want to call it, to be the result of the evolution of the protoplasm throughout the centuries. This is how Protists, those who believe that they are gifted with knowledge, believe.

Haeckel's atomic Moneron, that atom that is submerged there in the aqueous abyss from which au life surged forth, comes to my memory. This is how Haeckel and his followers think.

Something complex that has not had to undergo different cosmic universal processes has not been organized.

The Materialistic Science (Darwin)

The reality is that scientists neither know anything about Life nor Death, nor about where we come from nor where we are going, much less what the objective of existence is. Why? Simply because they have their consciousness asleep, because they have not done the inner Revolution of the Dialectic, because they are at the level of massive, collective hypnosis due to the lack of Integral Revolution that we teach in this Work.

Materialistic science marches on the path of error; it knows nothing about the origin of man and much less about his inner psychology. We do not deny that the law of natural selection has existed, but it has not created anything new. We do not deny that the species vary throughout time, but the variability factors only go into action after the original prototypes have crystallized in the physical world. The original prototypes of any living species previously develops in psychological space, in the superior dimensions of Nature, in the superior dimensions that materialistic scientists deny because they do not perceive them, and they do not perceive them because they are psychologically hypnotized.

If they were to first come out of the state of hypnosis and then talked, their concepts would be different, but they sleep due to the lack of mental and sexual dynamics.

If someone wants to know about the origin of the human being, he has to observe Ontogeny. Ontogeny is a recapitulation of Phylogeny.

What is Ontogeny within Anthropology? It is the process of development of the fetus within the maternal womb. If we observe the processes of gestation of a mother, we can evince that Ontogeny is a recapitulation of Phylogeny, which, in turn, is a state of evolution and transformation through which the human race has undergone throughout the centuries.

Lemuria (Gnostic Anthropology)

Ontogeny recapitulates these states within the maternal womb. An Ontogenic analysis would lead us to the logical conclusion that the human species and the other animal species have resemblance in their origin and come from psychological space

But that matter of natural selection, of the different variants or factors that produce variation in the human race, only go into action after the species, whichever they may be, have physically crystallized. Before physical crystallization, evolving psychological processes exist within the living bosom of Nature, which are unknown to Haeckel, Darwin and his followers, because, in reality, they know nothing about the origin of the human being.

How is it possible that materialistic scientists say that certain variations exist in the different types of living species? Whether it be by accident or in a spontaneous manner, is it perhaps not a contradiction?

Is it not they themselves who say that this Universe is the result of force, matter and necessity? How is it that they contradict themselves and then talk to us about spontaneous variants in a universe of force and necessity. Is that possible?

A universe of force, matter and necessity does not admit spontaneous or accidental variations. Those variations in the species exist due to something which they do not know. Materialistic science does not only ignore, but what is worse, it ignores that it ignores.

Egypt (Gnostic Anthropology, Darwin)

Psychoanalytical Gnostic Anthropology delves profoundly into the past. This human race which nowadays populates the face of the Earth is nothing but a race of intellectual animals mistakenly called men. You can become offended if you want, but before this race of intellectual animals existed, Lemurian, Hyperborean and Polar men existed. Intellectual animals are derived from Atlantis, they were born in Atlantis. The real men of Lemuria, in their last days, withdrew from the world scenery. They left their organisms to the superior elements of the animal kingdoms.

The race of intellectual animals was preceded by the men who existed in Lemuria, in the Hyperborean continent and in the northern polar cap which in that era was situated in the equatorial zone. On what does Psychoanalytical Gnostic Anthropology base itself to affirm this? Why does it say this? It bases itself not only on all the traditions that come in the books of Ancient Egypt, of the land of the Incas, of the land of the Mayas, from Greece, India, Persia, Tibet, etc., but also on the direct investigations of those who have succeeded in awakening consciousness through a psychological revolution.

We are delivering through this Work all the systems which are needed to awaken consciousness, and when you awaken, you will be able to investigate and verify for yourselves what I affirm in an emphatic manner. But it is necessary to awaken in order to touch, see, hear, feel and not be a victim of the theories of a Haeckel, Darwin, Huxley and his followers.

Three races of men existed, but how could you know it when your consciousness is asleep? Those who succeed in awakening will be able to investigate in the Akashic archives of Nature.

Haeckel & protoplasm (The Materialistic Science)

How was the first race? In what manner did it exist? In those times, around 300 millions of years ago according to the investigations that we have carried out, the protoplasmic men existed and the Earth itself was still protoplasm.

It is not that protoplasm of Haeckel and the salty sea and thousands of other foolishness without any confirmation, no. The protoplasmic race is different.

A human race floated in the atmosphere. It had still not fallen on the humid earth. How did it reproduce and what was its origin? This race had evolved and devolved in the superior dimensions of Nature and of the Cosmos. It finally crystallized on an Earth which was also protoplasmic after many evolving processes, surged forth from its original germ located in the Chaos, in the Magnus Limbus, in the Yliaster of the world. When that race crystallized, it formed the surface, the nucleus, which could just as well assume gigantic figures as well as reduce itself to a mathematical point.

On what do I base myself to affirm this? On the awakened consciousness! Have I evinced it? Yes, I have! And if you accept the doctrine of reincarnation, so much the better. Obviously, I was reincarnated in that race and since I am awake, I cannot forget the evolving and devolving processes of the same. That is why I give testimony before you, knowing that you are asleep, but I should deposit all those data that you need in order for you to awaken.

Intelligent Design- Creator- Michelangelo (Sixtine Chapel)

How did that race multiply? How did they reproduce? Not as Master Blavatsky said, that they did it in an asexual manner, that they did not need sex for that. Such an affirmation is erroneous because the force of the Maha-Chohan, the creative energy of the Third Logos, flows in an overwhelming manner in everything that has been and will be. The type of reproduction was fissiparous; it expressed itself in a different sexual form, organisms divided themselves the way living cells divide. Biology students know well how the organic cell divides: the cytoplasm with a piece of nucleus becomes separated, they do not ignore that.

Ever since then, the fissiparous process remained in the blood and continues occurring in our cells by the millions. Isn't that true? Who dares to deny it? I present facts! Do you perhaps believe that that cellular process does not have a root, an origin? If you were to think so it would be absurd because there is not a cause without an effect and no effect without a cause. Therefore, we have inherited that. From whom? From the men of the first race.

The detached organism could continue developing thanks to the fact that it continued capturing, accumulating, protoplasm from the surrounding atmosphere.

Later, the Hyperboreans surged forth of whom Friedrich Nietzsche speaks about. People who lived in those horseshoes that surround the North Pole, country in the North. Have we evinced this? Yes or no? You have not because you are asleep. I have, because I am awake. Deny it? I do not deny it! If you consider me crazy, consider me crazy, but I have to give testimony no matter what, I have to always say the truth.

Ernst Haeckel (Ontogeny- recapitulation of Phylogeny)

The Hyperboreans also existed; they were no longer as gelatinous as the protoplasmic men. Upon speaking in this manner, I am not referring to the cellular soul of Haeckel, in the salty sea, nor to the famous atomic moneron; that is Haeckel and his followers with their absurd theories.

Now I wish to emphatically refer to that Hyperborean race that was derived from the protoplasmic race. The Hyperboreans were a more psychic race that reproduced by sexuality in the form of budding. Have you seen the corals on the cliffs of the stormy ocean? From one coral comes out another, and from that one, another, and another. There are plants which by means of their sprouts continue multiplying themselves, the same occurred with the Hyperboreans. Certain sprouts that appeared in the Father-Mother operated the sexual force until that sprout became detached and gave rise to a new child. That was the method of reproduction of the Hyperboreans.

In the end, that race became submerged in the bottom of the stormy Pacific Ocean throughout millions of years of evolutions and involutions of this fecund Nature.

From the bottom of the seas later surged forth a gigantic continent, Lemuria, which covered the entire Pacific Ocean. It was there where for the first time, the human race rested upon the hard crust of the earth. The Lemurian continent appeared, not through spontaneous generation as Epicurus and his followers believed, nor through natural selection, the theory elevated to the category of a creating god, marvelous rhetoric that has come from the absurd, isn't that so? How did it surge forth? In what manner?

Toltec warriors in Tula (Lemuria, Atlantis)

As the arboreans crystallized, their human bodies took up a hard shape. In this manner the Lemurian hermaphrodites appeared. In the same manner that they are symbolized in the gigantic sculptures of Thia, Hidalgo, Mexico. They walked upon the face of the Earth. In the beginning, they reproduced by detaching an egg cell from their organism and this egg cell developed to give origin to a new creature. That is the epoch in which the phallus and the uterus had not yet been formed, that was the epoch in which the lingam-yoni was germinating. That was the epoch in which the ovary had not yet developed.

The times elapsed in Lemuria and the reproduction system by germination appeared. Such a system caused astonishment in that epoch. The ovary received a fecundating cell, in other words, a spermatozoon, in such a manner that when that egg became detached from the ovary of a hermaphrodite, it already went previously fecundated.

Upon coming to existence, the egg opened up after a certain time of fecundation and from there came out a new child. That is why the Nahuas said: "The Children of the third sun transformed themselves into birds", a wise affirmation of the ancient Nahua culture.

But once the end of Lemuria came closer, in the third or fourth sub-race onwards, human beings divided into opposite sexes; cooperation was then necessary in order to create. The system of cooperation to create comes from Lemuria. It is clear that an ovarian egg fertilized by a cell is needed. It is only in this manner, in the union of a fertilizing cell (spermatozoon) with an ovum, that the original cell with the 48 chromosomes (46 physical chromosomes and two etherical ones) can surge forth. In these 48 chromosomes are represented the 48 laws of our creation.

The Revolution of the Dialectics. Chapter: The materialistic science.
Samael Aun Weor

The Materialistic Science- Nature, Darwin, Haeckel, Gnostic Anthropology
The Materialistic Science- Nature, Darwin, Haeckel, Gnostic Anthropology
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