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आत्मा की महान सच्चाई केवल चेतना द्वारा ही अनुभव की जा सकती है


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In practice we have been able to verify that both materialistic and spiritualistic schools are completely bottled up in the DOGMA OF EVOLUTION.

Modern opinions about the origin of man and his past evolution are, deep down, cheap sophistry that do not stand a critical in-depth analysis.

Despite all Darwin’s theories being accepted as articles of blind faith by Karl Marx and his much boasted Dialectic Materialism, modern scientists know nothing about the origin of man; they have seen nothing, they have experienced nothing directly, and they lack precise, concrete, specific proofs of human evolution.

On the contrary, if we take historic humankind, that is, the past twenty or thirty thousand years B.C., we will find precise proofs, unmistakable signs of a superior type of man who is incomprehensible to modern people and whose presence can be demonstrated through multiple testimonies, ancient hieroglyphs, ancient pyramids, exotic monoliths, mysterious papyri and diverse ancient monuments.

Tule- Evolutione, Involution, Revolution

As for prehistoric man – those strange and mysterious creatures of an aspect so similar to the intellectual animal and, nevertheless, so different, so mysterious, and whose illustrious bones are found deeply hidden sometimes in archaic deposits of the glacial or pre-glacial period – modern scientists know nothing precise about them through direct experience.

The Gnostic Science asserts that the rational animal, as he is, is not a perfect being; he is not yet a Man in the fullest sense of the word. Nature develops him up to a certain point and then lets him alone, in complete freedom to continue his own development, or to lose all his possibilities and degenerate.

The laws of Evolution and Involution are the mechanical axis of the whole nature, and have nothing to do with the intimate Self-Realization of the Being.

Within the intellectual animal there are extraordinary possibilities that can be developed or lost. It is not a law that such possibilities must developed. Evolutive mechanics cannot develop them. The development of such latent possibilities is only possible in well-defined conditions, requiring tremendous individual super-efforts and an efficient help on the part of those Masters who have already done this work in the past.

EVOLUTION, INVOLUTION, REVOLUTION - da vinci, the perfect human

Those who want to develop all their latent possibilities in order to become a Man, or Woman, have to enter the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness..

The intellectual animal is a grain, a seed; from that seed the Tree of Life, the true Man, can be born. This is the type of “Man” whom Diogenes was looking for, with a lit lamp at noon, through the streets of Athens; unfortunately he could not find such a Man. It is not a law that this grain, this very special seed, will be able to develop. What is normal and natural is that it gets lost.

The true Man is as different from the intellectual animal as a lightning is different from a cloud. If the grain does not die, the seed cannot sprout. It is necessary, it is imperative that the Ego, the “I”, the “Myself” dies so that Man can be born.

School, college and university teachers should teach their students the path of the REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the DEATH OF THE EGO.

We can affirm emphatically that the Revolution of the Consciousness is not only rare in this world but it is also becoming each time rarer and rarer.

The Revolution of the Consciousness has three perfectly defined factors: First, Death; Second, Birth; Third, Sacrifice for Humanity. The order of the factors does not alter the product.


“BIRTH” is a matter of SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION. This topic corresponds to transcendental sexology. Whoever wants to study this subject should write to us and study our Gnostic books.


EVOLUTION, INVOLUTION, REVOLUTION - Revolution of the Consciousness

SIf we do not want the Revolution of the Consciousness, if we do not make tremendous super-efforts to develop those latent possibilities, which can lead us to the intimate Self-Realisation, then it is clear that such possibilities will never develop.

Those who achieve Self-Realisation, who save themselves, are very rare. But there is no injustice in this; why should the poor intellectual animal have something that he does not want?

A radical, total and definitive change is needed, but not all beings want that change, or desire it. They do not know about it, and if they are told about it, they do not understand it. They are not interested in it. Why should they be given forcibly something that they do not want?

In reality, before an individual can acquire new faculties, or new powers, that he does not know even remotely, and that he still does not possess, he should acquire faculties and powers that he mistakenly thinks he possess, but in reality he does not.

Fundamental Education - Chapter XXXIII - Evolution, Involution, Revolution
Samael Aun Weor

Stairs- Revolution of the Consciousness
Revolution of the Consciousness
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