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हमें एक क्षण से दुसरे क्षण में जीना सीखना है. जीवन एक अनंत अभी है, एक अनंत आज

Looking for the Truth

छापें ई-मेल
इस के लेख़क हैं Andrés LMA   
Peter Nicolai Arbo- Olav Haralds- Truth and Lie

In absolute terms, Truth and Lie have fought since ancient times to set themselves up as the only explanation for the universal events, but, unfortunately for the mortals, this is impossible, because of the unwavering principle that the Duality cannot understand the Unity. All our conceptions are dualist in their approach and tripartite in their resolutions (thesis, antithesis and synthesis).

Even so, one of the most delicate duties man has had in his passage through this world was meeting with the Truth, this Truth that will set us free, according to the Universal Gospels, this Truth that like a Sun will enlighten our minds and hearts, answering all our questions and that will make us kneel, as the Hindu maxims say, at the feet of That who knows how to dry our tears of confusion.

But the Truth, as we said before, always partial and subjective at the level of consciousness in which we find ourselves, remains immersed  in injustice, fears and apprehensions, generating a sea of darkness and insecurities that make it inaccessible or unstable.

The Duality to which we referred and with which we are imbued, it not only exists in the outside world but, on the contrary and speaking in psychological terms, it is within us, from the most superficial layers to the deepest ones; and the conquest of the Being is exactly the conquest of the Unity; it is making One out of Two.

The Sun (Truth, Lie and Freedom)

Therefore, we can and must say that the Gnostic Ontology is the road that leads us to the Truth, to Freedom and to Life. It is the road that humanity should take in order to transcend mediocrity as the settlement of its materiality.

It is true that ever since we have used reason and we came into this world, we have been pursuing chimeras that are as elusive as their names: Happiness and Truth. Some people have risked their necks and even lost their lives in their pursuit; others, by trying to gain huge fortunes in their belief that the chimera of their dreams is there; others yet, at the other extreme, abandoned this world and its evils and the greatest confinement and more solitary their life is, the closer they feel to the chimera they are pursuing. What is common for mortals is that they are on middle ground between these two extremes, but not outside their trends, which sometimes inclines them towards a pole and at other times towards the other.

For those people who sought the ethics and the principles, it has always been a priority to establish a balance in fulfilling the will of the Creator, but here is where all sorts of mistakes appear when trying to understand the will of the Creator. The Universal Knowledge has always known how to synthesize and masterly convert itself into food for all the souls that might need it at any time. This is the case of the Gospel of the Ephesians or the Gospel of Peace, where Jesus speaks to his disciples, in the end all of them having ears to hear and understanding to comprehend, and tells them that ‘happy are those who meet the laws of life and do not wander on the paths of death‘. We infer that blessed are those who know how to make a law of life of that maxim with which Jesus addressed his stunned disciples, who were wondering what law of life was their Master proposing them, because they were committed to keeping the laws that marked the footsteps of their lives in the civil and religious writings.

The Master gathered the meaning of their questions and answered them:

Do not look for the Law in your writings, for the Law is the Life, while the written word is dead. Truly I tell you that Moses did not receive God's laws in writing, but through the living word. The Law is the Living Word of the Living God, given to the living prophets for the living men. Wherever there is life there is Law. You can find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountains, in the birds of the sky, in the fish of the sea; but look for it especially in yourselves. Because in truth I tell you that all the living things are closer to God than the writing that is devoid of life. God made life and all living things so that they can teach men, through the forever living word, through the laws of the true God. God did not write the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your soul.

By reading these words we understand that Knowledge and Wisdom are timeless just as the works of Nature.

As men of our time, we want to clarify that we do not reject the written word, because through it we communicate and express ourselves, but if we see in this extraordinary message the need to reflect and to internalize the Words of Life, thus making them bare fruit inside our hearts in order to nourish ourselves with them, because we must not forget, as the Great Kabir was saying, that man does not live of bread alone ... In light of all this, it is easy to guess, if we listen and observe people, which of them are endowed with living wisdom and which with dead knowledge, no matter how many university degrees decorate their clothes or crown their heads and so we can recognize the Wise by their thoughts and the parrots by their repetitions.

Today, without going any further, I walked, like many other afternoons, by the library where I spend some of my leisure time and in the vast sea of written lines there I stopped by ‘chance’, if chance really exists, to read a sentence among the thousands and thousands of volumes that I was being offered, that syncretically summarized the attitude of the human being towards life, and especially that of the human being who views life as a crossroads. The sentence in question read as follows: ‘Man tries to join together Security and Freedom without realizing that these two forces are antagonistic.’ If we think of that for a little while, we realize that the sentence is true and, if we actually try that, we could be disappointed, just as those who try to homogenously mix water and oil, because in my opinion, I do not know about yours kind reader, but we are really having a hard time reading this book, Freedom is the most insecure of all the states.

Heaven can only be taken by storm and the brave have already taken it’, therefore the weak and frail that manufacture their pink paper skies and anyone who feels inside that overcoming is the fruit of the renewed effort and not of the frail soul, can continue with a vigilant spirit, because knowledge is not of one but of all, but only the one who can detain it, digest and assimilate it, will incarnate it.

Carrodel- The Sun (The search for the truth)
The search for the truth (Truth and Lie)
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