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एक तर्कवादी मनुष्य बाहरी इन्द्रियों का गुलाम है और उनकी आत्माएं निर्योग्य हैं, उस जहाज़ की तरह जो हवाओं के कारण लेहेरों पर अचेत हैं


छापें ई-मेल
इस के लेख़क हैं सम्पादक   


Death- energy, personality, vital body, soul

During the course of existence different types of energies flow through the human organism. Each type of energy has its own system of action; each type of energy manifests itself in the right time. The motor and muscular force manifests itself four and a half months after conception; this is related to the birth of the respiratory and pulmonary function. At ten and a half months, growth with all its marvelous metabolisms and conjunctive tissues. When the child is between two and three years old, the fontanel of the newly born closes and the cerebro-spinal system is completely formed.

The human personality is formed during the first seven years.When we are 14 years old, personal energy appears and flows domineeringly through the sympathetic nervous system. Sex appears at 35 years in its transcendental form of creative emotion. It is upon reaching this age that we can make what is called Soul. Normal man does not have a Soul, or rather, he is not a man yet, he doesn't even have a Soul.

Death- energy, personality, vital body, soul

The intellectual animal mistakenly called man is a machine controlled by a Legion of "I's".   They are pluralised. "I must read a book", says the intellectual function; "I am going to a football match", says the motor function; "I am hungry, I shall not go anywhere", states the digestion; "I prefer to find a woman", says the "I" of lust, etc., etc., etc. All these "I's" argue among themselves. The "I" that today swears faithfulness to GNOSIS, is replaced by another that hates GNOSIS. The "I" that today adores a woman, is later replaced by another that hates her. Only by manufacturing SOUL do we establish a permanent principle of consciousness within ourselves. He who has Soul lives consciously after death. The Soul may be created with the accumulation of the finest energies that the organism produces and their crystallization through supreme efforts, in order to become one self conscious in a total and definitive way. Unfortunately, the intellectual animal called man, wastes these energies stupidly on cravings, anger, fears, hate, envy, passions, jealousy, etc., etc.

It is urgent that we create conscious will, it is indispensable that we subject all our thoughts and acts to the INNER JUDGMENT. Only in this way can we know ourselves in depth in order to create Soul. We need to know ourselves deeply in order to create Soul.


The Ray of Death

The Ray of Death reduces so-called man to a simple molecular quintessence, in the same way that a ton of flowers may be reduced to a single drop of essential perfume. Because the energy of death is so strong, it destroys the human organism totally. It is a current of such high voltage, that it inevitably destroys the organism when it travels through it. Just as a ray can tear a tree to pieces, in the same manner the Ray of Death reduces the human body to ashes. It is the only type of energy that the body cannot resist. This ray connects death with conception. Ends are in contact with each other. When the essence is detached from the old body on the terrible impact of the Ray of Death, a tremendous electrical tension is produced on a key note, the axiomatic result of which is the movement and combination of the determining genes of the future physical body. This is how the fine elements of a fertilized egg are arranged in the corresponding order, having electrical tension and the key note of death for a basis.


Two things go to the graveyard. The first is the physical body, and the second is the human personality. As we have already said, personality is formed during the first seven years of childhood and it strengthens with time and experiences. Sometimes the personality wanders through the cemetery, or leaves its grave when the mourners visit and bring flowers. But the personality soon disintegrates. Personality is energetic and atomic. The personality is perishable. There is no future for the personality of a dead person, it is mortal.

Death- Essence and Ego

Personality does not reincarnate. Personality is a child of its time and dies in its time.   What continues is the ESSENCE, that is to say, "the ghost of the dead". Within the ghost, the reincarnating "I", the "Myself", is found. This is the Legion of devils that continues. It is a mistake to divide ourselves between two "I's", one a superior sort and the other inferior: The "I" is a legion of devils, which normally develops within us; that is all.

Much has been said in occultist literature about a superior "I", about a divine "I", but in fact the so-called superior "I" is not an "I". The divine Being transcends any form of "I". That Which does not have a profane name is the Being, the Intimate.

The Essence is molecular. The Essence, the ghost of the dead, normally lives in the molecular world. We have a cellular body for living in the physical world; so, in the same way, we use a molecular body in the molecular world.

The "Tibetan Book of the Dead" says the following:

Oh! Noble by birth....your present body, being a body of desire.... is not a body of gross material, so now you have the power to pass through any mass of rocks, hills, boulders, earth, houses, and Mount Meru itself, without meeting any obstacle...... you have now the power of performing miraculous actions, which is not the fruit of any Samadhi, but a power that comes to you in a natural way.... You can instantaneously be in any place you want; you have the power to get there in the time it takes a man to open and shut his hand.  Do not desire these powers of illusion or of changing form, do not desire them, do not desire them


Vital body (Death)

In the human organism there is a thermo-electrical magnetic body. This is the Vital Body.   This body is the seat of organic life. No organism could live without the Vital Body. Each atom of the Vital Body enters into each atom of the physical body to make it vibrate intensely. All chemical, physiological, and biological phenomena, all phenomena of perception, all metabolic processes, all action of calories etc., have their basis in the Vital Body. In fact, this body, the tetra-dimensional body, is the superior section of the physical body. In the last instant of life, this body escapes from the physical organism. The Vital Body does not enter the grave. The Vital Body floats near the grave and disintegrates slowly as the corpse disintegrates. Only the corpse and the personality of the dead go to the grave.

The Vital Body has more reality than the physical body. We know very well that the physical body changes totally every seven years and not a single old atom remains in the body. However, the Vital Body does not change. In the Vital Body are contained all the atoms of childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, old age, and decrepitude. The physical body belongs to the world of three dimensions. The Vital Body belongs to the fourth dimension.

“The book of the dead” Chapter I

Death- personality, ego, essence
Death- energy, personality, vital body, soul
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