Could you elaborate a little more on the issue of Consciousness as an instrument to investigate everything?
इस के लेख़क हैं Óscar Uzcategui

Certainly, my friend, the problems of humanity exist because man is devoid of the power of Consciousness. In the previous lines, we have already defined Consciousness scientifically and we have said that it is the psychological ability to seize or capture all external and internal phenomena inherent in ourselves. It is scientifically proven that the contemporary man has only about three per cent of active Consciousness as opposed to a ninety-seven per cent of inactive Consciousness within himself. This naturally renders many of our acts unconscious and often incoherent. Undoubtedly, this causes confusion, social shocks, traumas of all kinds, anguish, anxieties, stress, etc. The worst of all this is that the rest of the inactive Consciousness is a prisoner of the energy forces that enslave it and subject to its whims.