Zodiacal Sign of TAURUS

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Zodiacal Sign of TAURUS

TAURUS 20th of April – 19th of May

The cortege of stars that form the constellation of Taurus is the house of Venus, the ineffable star of love, the break of dawn and consequently, Taurus is of Venusian nature.

Taurines are of amorous and Venusian nature due to this. They love much in love and always pass through great deceptions.

Taurines are tame and industrious like the bull, that symbolizes that group of stars, but, at times, they are also “aggressive” like the bull.

They are tenacious and gluttons, romantic and sensual.

They love music, dance and beauty.

They have ability for all types of manual arts.

"Zodiacal Course"Samael Aun Weor

In practice we have been able to evince that Taurines should not marry persons of Aquarius because they inevitably fail due to the incompatibility of characters.

The sign of Taurus is fixed, an earth sign; it tends towards stability and since the sign of Aquarius is aerial, mobile, revolutionary, it is clear that they are incompatible.

Taurines are like oxen, humble and hard workers, but when they become furious they are terrible like the bull.

In their lives, Taurines undergo great amorous deceptions; they are reserved, conservative; they follow step-by-step, like the ox, the outlined path.

Taurines are very sensitive. Anger in Taurines is of slow growth and customarily culminates in strong volcanic outbursts.

The mediocre type of Taurus is customarily very egoistical, gluttonous, quarrelsome, passionate, irate and proud.

The superior type of Taurus is full of Love, loves classical music, wisdom, works happily for humanity, is very intelligent, comprehensive, faithful, sincere in friendship, a good Father, Mother, good friend, good brother, good citizen, etc.

"Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology" - SAMAEL AUN WEOR

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Zodiacal Sign of TAURUS
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