The Solar Symbol

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Ouroboros-Snake biting his tale

In Astrology, Botany, Chemistry and Alchemy and among the glyphs and the signs of the oldest cultures we can find this sign that represents the Sun, either under its pure material aspect, as star that illuminates us and whose rays make life on the planet possible, or in its spiritual aspect (the Logos), which also with its rays illuminates us and gives us interior life.

From ancient times, the Greatest Wise men protected the Wisdom against the profane eyes; they were always preoccupied with its transmission, through the hieratic and esoteric symbols, for the sensible eye, the attentive ear and the creative understanding of that neophyte that might have known how to capture it.

These symbols, figures and signs were not capriciously drawn or chosen. On the contrary, they are always in agreement with the Supreme Laws of Nature and Cosmos and with those of the Secret Road that are to be followed in order to achieve Man’s Particular Universe; based on the hermetic axiom:

What is up is similar to what is down and what is down is similar to what is up.

We also appreciate that despite the so diverse study fields and despite the so diverse cultures distanced in time and space, the Solar symbol is always the same:

This allows us to say, together with the erudites at Sorbonne, Paris, who agree that ‘The Gnosis (Knowledge), is a phenomenon that happens inside man, a Transcendental Wisdom that produces changes inside the individual. It can be given then, they add, in any era and place, as it is found inside the man himself.’

So, these symbols arise from the Consciousness of the Authentic Men who existed in the world and who knew to perceive them through their own faculties, leaving them to humanity and to posterity from divers regions, cultures and mystery schools.

The circle with a point inside was, is and will be par excellence the symbol of the Sun, as we already said, inside and outside; because of that, we see this conceptual synthesis of the Dialectics and of the Language of Knowledge, expressed in this simple sign.

Why a circle with a point inside and not another glyph?

Because he, (the Sun), in Astronomy and psycho-astronomy, is the centre of the Universe around which everything spins, of which everything depends and from which everything leaves, everything is born.

Also, in Alchemy, the Sun represents the Gold, the Light, the King or the Real Interior Profound Being, on which we depend and thanks to which we were born, and to which we must return by creating it inside us. It represents the generating mysteries of Lingam-Yoni. The Circle is feminine, receptive; the Point is masculine, protective. The entire Universe is a product of the Creative Energy.

In Kabala it represents the Vital Kingdom, that is to say the Root that shapes all the laws of Nature and of Cosmos, all things.

For I-King it is Wu-Ki (with no beginning and no end) that corresponds to the ancient symbol Uroboros: the snake that bites its tail.

In the Esoteric Christianity, it is the Absolute and also the Logos (the Cosmic Christ), represented by an aura or a sanctity beam, to the people that approached it through merit and interior achievement.

Finally in order to confirm what we said (the fact that many cultures distanced in time and space, with similar conceptions and abstractions possess it), we say the following: when the conquistadors arrived in Mexico they asked the Mayas who was their God and they answered by drawing a circle with a point in the middle, saying: ‘Hunab-Ku’.

Simbolul Solar
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