Tribute to the memory and work of the great Chilean astronomer CARLOS MUÑOZ FERRADA

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Scientific warnings of the great astronomer Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, published eleven years ago, define that Spain and the Mediterranean demarcate a great catastrophic triangle, along with the Sumatra (Asiatic Pacific) and the territory of Chile.

These zones were demarked at the beginning of the astronomic calculations of Ferrada, published in 1999, but we know that each day new zones of high seismicity are added until all earth will be shaken by the global cataclysm.

Muñoz Ferrada explains that this is due to the catastrophic approach of a “comet‐planet”, called Hercolobus or Planet X, which eventually will pass 14 million of kilometers away from Earth accelerating the GREAT GEOPHYSICAL CHANGE which is already advancing.

THE CHILEAN ASTRONOMER specified the mass, velocity, orbital time, the trajectory and the terrible consequences being produced by Hercolobus on our Solar System.

The interview was published June 28th, 1999 on channel 4 on the Television of Puerto Rico, and has subsequently been broadcast in Venezuela as a part of an EXTRAORDINARY DOCUMENTARY VIDEO by the producer Joseph Landon, director of “Joseph Landon Enterprise”.

Chile recognized Muñoz Ferrada for his mathematical accuracy in regards to the earthquake that devastated the south of the southernmost country in 1939. The accuracy was to such an extent that Ferrada even set the date for the earthquake, which was published in the Journal of Conception; he was only wrong by a difference of two hours. The disaster claimed the lives of 60 thousand people.

He also announced the earthquakes of 1960 and 1985.

Here are some of the scientific data revealed by Muñoz Ferrada, genius in geophysics, regarding Hercolubus, who discovered numerous stars, galaxies and comets, and accurately forecasted earthquakes, climate changes, volcanic eruptions and changes in the orbit of Comet Halley


  1. IT IS A RED PLANET which presents an elliptical orbit of a comet and great mass of a planet, in other words “a planet with a tail” .
  2. The star is charged with cosmic energy, as to say rarefied radiation which according to scholars alter the behavior and health, and will provoke incurable epidemics and irritability, bringing wars.
  3. Does not meet the conventionally established celestial physical laws.
  4. Travels between our Sun and a Black Sun which is found 32 trillion kilometers away.
  5. Will pass 14 million kilometers from Earth./li>
  6. IT IS APPROXIMATLEY SIX TIMES BIGGER THAN JUPITER, thus its approach of 14 million kilometers from our world will exercise a disastrous attraction up on the incandescent liquid minerals inside the Earth, provoking tremendous internal pressures and therefore volcanoes and earthquakes.
  7. It will end up penetrating our Solar System and be visible to the naked eye as well as photographed.
  8. “Its arrival will cause human and geophysical change, bringing change and destruction”.

MUÑOZ FERRADA DID NOT say that the great final catastrophe would occur on August 11th, 1999, but that from that date on the geophysical and climatic changes would intensify, as well as earthquakes of a volcanic origin with seaquakes and tsunamis.

He said that Hercolubus could BE PHOTOGRAPHED FROM THAT DATE ON and that its apparent appearance in August 1999 would be bigger than the Moon. Indeed, this is how the planet has been seen and photographed, even though the official media have given this phenomenon various false explanations. Now you can for your selves see various photos and videos of “two suns” on various webpages, newspapers, books and magazines.

However, the great Chilean astronomer did not mention during this interview that the great planet glows in the infrared range, which makes it difficult to see with the naked eye and only in special conditions of light through the clouds, through special filters or when the weather or the ASTROLOGICAL PHENOMENA allow it.

There will come a time when Hercolobus will be permanently visible as a second sun and in common conditions in broad daylight. This is why it was rediscovered in the 80s by the orbiting infrared telescope IRAS, whose head was Dr. Robert Harrington, supervisor of the orbiting observatory of the North American Astronomical Agency (NASA).

After five years of study Dr. Harrington revealed the discovery, calculating that the star would pass very close to our world and that from the year 2012 its consequences could be very serious.

The reports were published in North American newspapers and magazines and there are videos which offer testimonies of the affirmations of Doctor Robert Harrington, such as the interview that was done to him by the writer Zecharia Sitchin in 1990.

Soon after, the mysterious physical disappearance of the scientist and his assistant, in charge of the mission of the telescope Iras, raised serious concern worldwide. There has really been much speculation about the mysterious disappearance of the scientists.

MUÑOZ FERRADA, RATIFIED THE ALREADY STATED BY THE GREAT HUMANIST SAMAEL AUN WEOR in the late 70st, both in relation to Hercolubus as well as that the scientists at the service of the large groups of economic and political power, would publish various false interpretations in order to try to “COVER UP” the reality of this planet which is approaching and like this protect the financial markets.

Thus, THEY HAVE POSTED THAT THE OBSERVED STAR IS MARS OR SOME VISITING STAR, and they have invented scenarios to justify the fall of the satellites and shuttles as well as the terrible atypical electromagnetic and radioactive storms throughout the whole Solar System.


Chilean antronomer CARLOS MUÑOZ FERRADA

He was born in 1909 in the south of Chile and died September 11th, 2001 in Villa Alemana, Chile´s Fifth Region, the city where he had his residence and observatory.

It is said that one day a friend went to visit him and found him housed in a tent on the patio of his house, saying that soon, according to him, a great earthquake would occur...Some laughed at him upon hearing his scientific projections, but his visitor got worried because Muñoz Ferrada had never failed in the calculation of previous disasters.

A few days after the anecdotal visit there was a major earthquake in Chile in 1985.

From 1926 to 1929 he studied at the Nautical School of Pilotines of the Chilean Navy. In 1956 he received the title of first pilot of Merchant Navy of Chile. In 1970 he became a member and professor of the College of Captains and Pilots of the Merchant Navy.

He studied meteorology and astronomy at the University of Chile. He also studied engineering and physics at Railways of Chile.

He specialized in the Astronomical Society of Paris. He was a leading member of the Astronomical Society of Gijón and the Astronomical Society of Milan and was director of the Astronomical Observatory of Panama for five years.

A PART OF HIS SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES OF NEW STARS AND GALAXIES (before they were seen by the large telescopes of the world) WERE SENT TO THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATED OF LONDON, prompting the institution to declare: “Due to the unusual case of Mr. Carloz Muñez Ferrada, from now on each new star will take the name of him who first calculated it and not of who accidentally discovered it with a telescope.”

A Mr. Brayan of ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATED OF LONDON was the one to whom Muñoz Ferrada for the first time sent a written report regarding the discovery of Planet X or Hercolubus and of the catastrophic consequences it would cause to our planet.

He married the Salvadoran Maria Dolores Rivera Lino in 1947 in El Salvador. He met her during one of his trips to this country and fathered four of her children, of whom survive Marina, Lucia and Carl.

Muñoz Ferrada earned the respect and admiration of the Chileans for his ability to anticipate climatic and geophysical disasters, but he was often in prison, because every time he came down from his home in Villa Alemana to the Park Plaza Victoria or the park O’Higgins of Valparaiso, the authorities put him in prison for “disturbing the peace and causing anxiety.”.

Certainly, according to strong testimonies of the inhabitants of Valparaiso he was doggedly pursued by the authorities who practically did not allow him to appear in public.

The posthumous report dedicated by The Journal of Today of El Salvador, reads as follows:

In order to explain his observations and predictions, Muñoz Ferrada theorized Geodynamics, which is based on the attractions of the heavenly bodies in large explosions in the sun and the cycles of the geophysical disturbances. With this method he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate changes, discovered new planets and comets, deciphering their trajectories and other features.

(End of quote)

According to Muñoz Ferrada the earthquakes are caused by the gravitational influence of a few stars on others, rather that the accidental movement of the tectonic plates.

On June 28th, 1999, on Channel 4 on the Television of Puerto Rico, after 50 years of investigation and scientific documentation, the great Chilean Astronomer, at 90 years of age, revealed with absolute precision the three velocities that Planet X has in its orbit. Its velocity as it passes close to the dead Sun or the black star, another in the middle of its elliptical orbit and a third as it passes close to our sun, to a thousandth of the speed of light, and 14 million kilometers from Earth.

In August 2004 I arrived in Chile and in Valparaiso and Viña del Mar I handed out the video of the statements provided by Carlos Muñoz Ferrada on Channel 4 in Puerto Rico, as this report had not been widespread in Chile.

Unfortunately the scientific genius, the old man, had died and I could not know him personally, but the strangest thing is that no matter how much I researched I could not find any comments about the circumstances of his death. Even though one webpage says that he died of a lung disease at the age of 92.

Muñoz Ferrada was a scientific genius misunderstood by many and, according to those who knew him, a successful gnostic in his doctrine and practical life. The daughter of Ferrada, Mrs. Marina Muñoz has spoken of her father in the following manner:

“He was a man way ahead for the century in which he lived. There was so much to learn from him, but his knowledge was not always fairly valued.”

Reprinted from the JOURNAL OF TODAY, of El Salvador

Tribute to the memory and work of the great 
Chilean astronomer CARLOS MUÑOZ FERRADA
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C Ferrada said:

Originally Muñoz ferrada was born in Spain and to get resident in south America he change nationality he purchase the document
He was bound in Linares Spain but he has problem with Franco living Spain to never return to Panama ,el Salvador Argentina finally Chile .but he was never happy in that country .
January 20, 2014

Chumchingee said:

We will only know the truth when the governments decide there is no way to hide it.
There is a lot of evidence openly there from the statistics around Venus.
There is a hole in the outer Asteroid belt beyond Pluto.
There are numerous objects in long comet-like orbits as big as Pluto and at a very wrong angle to the Sun. 50 degrees off the plane of the Solar System is normal for these planets, asteroids, comets, and small moons around these planets.
Uranus is another mystery as it is so far off normal rotation of a planet at almost a 90 degree angle to its orbit around the Sun.
There are numerous satellites and they consist of heavy matter rather than gas.
I think he is mistaken on the orbit. He is correct on a lot of the rest of it.
We have lost a genius and a very great man.
February 20, 2014


As the only grandchild who lived with him, let me clear up some misinformation that is posted on your blog. My grandfather, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, born in Linares, VII Region of Chile in South America. He lived to be 92 years and died in Villa Alemana, Chile in 2001 to care for his wife Maria Dolores Rivera Lino and his first daughter Lucia, who lovingly cared for in their old age. I look it clear that he was not born in Spain, and loved his country Chile.
January 16, 2015


Just found out about this genial man, looking for a certain Island in Chile, reputed to have a Mayan Stella (of which I've already read a fascinating article). Fortunately, through Google, enter this page, which I will read with the most interest. The THEOSOPHIST, as I remember, had knowledge of "Arcobulus", so I was wonderring if Carlos was a Lovely to hear from his grandchild.
February 08, 2015

Shirley said:

Thanks Grandson. As usual, few people are given the credit due them during their lifetime. I believe the world will find that this gentleman should have received the status of Albert Einstein.
December 04, 2015

Toni said:

Dr. Harrington died of a supposedly "fast-acting" esophageal cancer just a few weeks after its diagnosis. The thing I took away from the television interview with Dr. Ferrada was how sad and distraught he seemed over what Hercolubus was going to do to us and the earth in a very few short years from his interview. He looked like such a sweet and gentle soul and may he rest in peace.
June 01, 2016

Marouf Sinclair said:

We'll known the truth and the truth will set us free... Hercolubus-Barnard 1- Nibiru-Bitter Star in the Book of Revelations into the Bible is a real fact. Nobody could hide its presence now. So the awakening of the Consciousness is the major fear of whom set control of this world.
June 05, 2016

bj said:

why haven´t we heard of you before now?
he really seemed to be shaken by the extent
of the destruction and changes he predicted
August 23, 2016

M Darwash said:

Just a simple question. I watched the interview with him several times and you can see the sincerity in his eyes but he predicted Hercolubus will be seen as big as the moon in 1999 which means it was already very close to earth, so how come nothing happened so far? it is 18 years later now.

I do believe in a planet will come someday very near earth and will wreck havoc on earth. I have done extensive search and the only one with credibility is Carlos Ferrada.

I spent longtime searching Zecharia Sitchin theory and guess what, he is a big big liar. I am from Iraq and Sumerian are my ancestors. I went to professors who can read Sumerian at Baghdad university and they all didn't believe in what he was saying. most of what he says simply is not written on these Sumarian tablets.
May 14, 2017

Ashley Law said:

The 'authorities' have struck the videos off the internet as best they can now. Telling us all.
January 28, 2022

sea nettles said:

Ancient Sumerians are not necessarily the ancestors of current day Iraqis. FYI - Just as the Ancient Ancient Egyptians are not anything much like current Egyptians.
February 01, 2022

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