Individual revolution for the social change

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Demonstrations: Individual revolution for the social change

Without any doubt we have turned into passive spectators to a work full of horrors that is set on our planet.

A third of our planet’s population is in poverty. There is great famine in the Horn of Africa and on the planet are dying of hunger 25.000 people every day. Another important part of people have fear stucked in their bodies because they do not know if they can cope with the basic daily needs: to have bread, clothes and shelter, due to an economic crysis that they have nothing to do with. While this is happening, other few get rich through speculative and exploitation methods. It is truly outrageous what is happening before our eyes.

The goal of life is to be HAPPY, but very rare are the people who achieve it. They have complicated our life due to the fact that they made us have a mandatory education and a socio-economical structure that does not help us with anything to achieve this objective and the inner peace. More on the contrary, instead of helping us be free and happy they enslave us more each day and to this both external as well as other internal factors (the ego) contribute.

Poverty, Africa: Individual revolution for the social change

Beyond the maxim: «What is on the outside is the reflection of the inside», which is the pure and simple cause of the entire global situation, we want to highlight and denounce the fact that there are some socio-economical movements that, being above us, we do not see, but are influencing and conditioning us in all the aspects of our life. There are global movements that, unfortunately, harm us very much, they cause pain and suffering to our brother, man. Only an inner profound transformation of the human being, what Gnosis proposes, can liberate us from these adverse consequences that approach us inevitably.

We are in a world in which not all want and seek the wellbeing of the other. We are in an educated society, but based on competence and the market economy, meaning: «what interests me is to be able to make money and for me to be well». Neither the way nor the consequences matter, if the others do not realise it in an obvious way. We live the society and the economy of the Ego, of the I, of the individualism, of the selfishness.

The exterior is the reflection of the interior

A re-education of the society and all the social strata seems to us just as necessary, to give another direction to the world, as impossible to realise, but it proves even more difficult when our social leaders are deeply involved in the structures that ardently defend the consumer society and the market economy. When they are proposed new integral, or to stimulate and awaken the consciousness, education programmes, they sometimes see this as ridiculous and mock it, other times they see this as sectarian, including dangerous, since they would lose the power and the dominion of the society. This is the reason why it can begin to act only locally, on a small scale level, it can begin here and now by acting upon ourselves, changing our own way of being.

Thus we will get to enumerate a series of evil deeds, which we live NOW in our society and CONDITION ALL OF US, in order to make us aware of them and to seek in the possibilities in each of us the resorts that can help us equilibrate ourselves and free ourselves of their effects:

Commercial centers – the fascination of the ego
  • The Firms To sell and compete in the named 'free market economy', they stimulate the desires of the population, they make us want things. For this they created the advertising, the technique to sell what we don’t need.

  • The Banks have encouraged and made the desire possible. They lent us money for us to be able to give full play to desire. These money they themselves do not have effectively. There is only a part of them and only on the paper that we sign, but we, yes, when we give them back we make them be real with our monthly contributions. When many of the clients who requested loans cannot return them, then we talk about the banking crisis. The banks in their turn cannot return the money to other institutions or banks that lent them at lowest interests and it becomes a great problem. Here are the speculation and the constant gains of the banks, in the monthly contributions of their clients. Overall, no one has cash but all walk lending it, because their business is speculation. THIS IS A BANK. It causes and facilitates the consumerism in exchange of creating the debt and the speculation, so that through this to obtain benefits of millions. Some few get rich at the cost of the effort and the suffering of the working multitudes struggling to obtain cash to reimburse their loans.

  • The Speculation. We quote textually:

    'Now that the morgages deal has exploded, the banks allocate they investments to speculate with the price of foods and before they also speculated with the money in the arms market and other dubious businesses. They sell their customers investments in these goods, so that when they earn money it will mean that millions of people in poor countries will have the greatest difficulties to have access to basic foods because they will be more expensive as a result of the speculation that was made with them'.
    Published in 21st of April, 2011 in “Semillasysalud” (“Seedsandhealth”).

    We also understand that when the international organizations (FAO, UNICEF etc.) and the very countries buy foods to feed themselves and to feed the poor countries, pay higher prices that enrich the speculators.

    According to a study by the now deceased Lehman Brothers, the food fund speculation jumped from 13.000 million dollars to a 260.000 million from 2003 to 2008. It is not surprising that the prices of foods have risen accordingly as of 2003. The high risk fund manager Michael Masters estimated that in the regulated markets in the U. S., 64% of all the wheat contracts were in the hands of the speculators with no interest for the wheat itself. They only held it anticipating the prices’ inflation and the reselling. George Soros said that 'it was as if it would have been captured foods in secret during a famine with the goal of obtaining benefits through the increasing of the prices.'

  • The Loans. Because the consumption is stimulated in order for the markets to continue active, growing (and for the large companies to draw profits), the countries must continue to buy raw materials, to pay the network of officers, services and to make investments in the country in order to keep up, to modernize and not to limit its population. For this, in key moments, the governments request loans. These loans are issued by the IMF (The International Monetary Fund) and the WB (The World Bank) and are with interests. Consequently, the countries also fall into debt.

  • IMF indebts many countries
  • The debt and the selling of own resources. When countries are very indebted to the IMF on a long term, which currently happen with all the countries in the world, it proposes austerity measures: a) to reduce their internal expenses, which translates into the reduction of wages, the firing of officers in general in sectors like education, government and health; and b) to seek greater liquidities, which they can get just by selling their own resources: national, mineral, oil companies etc. ... In this way, countries cease to be masters of their own resources and become more dependent on the external dictates, not to mention the dictators, and of the large corporations that took hold of their resources. Finally, as the country has very limited resources, can only pay the interests of these enormous loans and always remain in external debt and stagnate. This is the free economy market. “Free” is an ironical adjective, as the reader will understand. Today the dictatorship consists in the speech of “political correctness”. If any government opposes these measures, is attempted to change its opinion or in the next “democratical” elections is sought for a more “cooperative” government.

  • Massive “help”. Another savage form of acting is sending tons of foods with low cost in poor countries. This is another strategy of the large corporations of the world supposedly as a form of humanitarian aid. As on the domestic market these foods are more economical than the cereals produced in the same country, the farmer cannot sell his products being more expensive than those that come as a gift from the outside. As the internal production is not subsidized it dissapears eventually and the farmers runs out of work, emigrate to the nuclei of poverty around the great capitals. This, the NGO-s denounce it for decades and it has not changed.

  • A new world agricultural order begins. Large companies and corporations: from India, China and from other countries, also like the AGRA Corporation (consisting of the Bill Gates Foundation, F. Rockefeller and the giants of bio-genetics: Syngenta, Monsanto, Dupont-Pioneer) make great investments in Africa buying at low price large lots of land for extensive crops. They justify that with this they help the governments to pay their debts, that they pull their economy afloat and give jobs to the people. In reality, these purchases cause deforestations, loss of natural resources and great human movements, since the natives who cultivate these lands have to abandon them.

  • GMO’s:
  • GMO – gain and addiction. Behind these extensive plantings that are made on all continents and that now are to be implemented in Africa, are large companies such as Pioneer-Dupont, Monsanto, world leaders in the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms, of which they have worldwide patents) and the biochemical industry that includes the pesticides for the crops, sister companies of the oil industry. These are the companies specialized in creating hybrids that in its second generation they turn into plants with a very low yielding thus ensuring that the farmer must continue buying their seed and cannot reuse the excess to sow next year. All this to get more economical foods’ production (but less healthy) for the “western societies in crisis” and with a maximum benefit for the investor who paid some miserable wages in the countries where he has his exploitation. A fat business.

  • Political manipulation. The large companies and economical powers are interested to sometimes maintain weak governments or dictatorships in the countries from where they extract raw materials. That is why they interfere in a direct form, but hidden, in their governments. Example is the Congo, Iraq etc...

  • Education and study plans: each developing country sent its main and most eminent people to study “the modern educative plans” of the developed countries, in this so simple form the minds are colonized and the educative models and vices are spread from one country to another. Behind this there is a very well planned intention to perpetuate ignorance and to create gentle sheeps, useful machines for the socio-economical system. This happens in other domains of knowledge: medicine, politics, economy...the way of seeing and thinking is conditioned from the outside, pretending to make them a favour by taking them to the best universities, in reality they are intellectually programmed with the purpose of perpetuating the lineage and the fidelity in that socio-economical direction.

  • Now, to finish we will give a brushstroke to the world of the pharmacological health. Laboratories are enterprises. What enterprises look for in the first place is commerce and healing in the second place. If a medication cures an illness it does not become profitable. But if an illness continues with a medication and the person can live relatively in good conditions depending on life of this drug, then it is a wonderful business. Vaccines and the fear of illness are also very profitable. Remember the scandals and the businesses of the famous pandemic of the avian flu (H1N1) which killed almost no one but millions of vaccines were sold worldwide being a manipulation through fear and finally a great business. Medicine do not investigate drugs, but laboratories do. In the medical congresses financed by laboratories is where doctors hear the successes. They prepare and persuade them to use their products. In reality there is no alternative for them, the scientific and skeptical education they received at the university is already charged with making them to not believe in medications or alternative methods.

  • Summing up: Everything that was presented above is what now causes discontent in the societies, dissatisfaction and finally violence, social revolution that never affects the great capital that hides, dissipates, only the world’s population suffers it. It suffers from the beginning till the end: the manipulation, exploitation, the tension that the loan causes or the leaving of your lands, the ruin, the illness, the famine, the crisis… and in the end, the consequences of the revolution itself and the war. Everything is cyclical, it will begin again later and history will repeat itself.
  • Suffering: Individual revolution for the social change

    All these points we mentioned can revolt us, can make us feel small and manipulated. It is a reality around us. When we were born we entered into a scenario that is of life itself and of the laws that govern it. Now the strong rule the game ignoring the laws of karma and dharma, of return and recurrence etc. … but we can start to make us aware of ourselves; then it is when we will begin to realise what is real and what is passing and mundane. These people who feel superior because they are rich or they manoeuvre the world are neither more nor less than us, are born, get sick, suffer and die like us. We can imagine them sitting on the toilet and even if they have big cars, residences and money, they have the same needs as us. Unless if, with more vices and desires that can afford to pay to themselves but by that are no happier. We must understand that happiness is an inner state related with the conscience. It is never the result of satisfying and the free rein given to the animal ego that always complicates more our life.

    Ultimately the world is teleguided, but our lives can we guide and govern ourselves. We must not become either fanatics or anti-system, but aware of our reality and what surrounds us. Only thus, becoming profoundly conscious, we will find the necessary incentive for the transformation of our own life, which was called the revolution of the consciousness, which we invite you to accomplish it within each of us, so that among all to be able to cause by example a great social change.

    On this web site of Vopus is expressed our proposal of inner individual revolution. We invite you to continue consulting it. Visit our courses’ section for personal development and you will not regret it.

    There is only one good, knowledge.
    There is only one evil, ignorance.


    Individual revolution – The Psychological Sun
    Vopus Editor – Individual revolution
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