The Truth about Judas

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Judas's Kiss - Jesus

History always gives us lessons and now, to everyone’s surprise, appears in front of the world the figure of Judas rectified through his own Gospel. Till now we have been presented a traitor Judas, mean and unsympathetic with his Master etc...; the truth made its appearance and according to the proverb, 'the truth is like a storm and when it comes, is devastating'.

Throughout the centuries, Gnosticism always affirmed about Judas as being the most exalted disciple of Jesus, for accepting the role of traitor in the drama that Jesus had to represent publicly. This can now be seen in the very Gospel of Judas in which Jesus Christ tells him: 'You will surpass them all, for you will sacrifice the body in which I live', 'you will be blasphemed for this'.

The problem is that it has never been understood that the drama which Jesus represented was thoroughly planned by Jesus and his Apostles in order to remain a historical constant of what every person must live internally, in one’s inner life, that is the reintegration of all the divine parts of one’s own Being with the help of the Inner Christ. Till now, the historical figure of the man called Jesus has been preserved and it has never been understood that the most important thing is to transpose the historical into our inner life of each of us.

Jesus and Judas

Rightly, the father of the contemporary Gnosticism, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, in one of his lectures in 1977 said:

I do not deny at all the existence of that Apostle who 1977 years ago represented effectively our Inner Judas. He is a reality. He exists. He is one of the Greatests, most prominent Master, the most exalted adept Jesus of Nazareth had, but inside of us there is an Inner, Internal Judas, different from that historical Judas, there is really someone who personifies the Iscariot, who is really interested in the destruction of the Ego in each of us. Judas the Iscariot teaches us with great clarity the Doctrine of the disintegration of the ego. (E. N. Ego = the personification of all our psychological defects).

Judas the Iscariot is not as many believe, a man who betrayed his Master, no, he played a role which his Master gave him and nothing more. Jesus of Nazareth himself prepared it and Judas learned it by heart and represented it to the coscience, publicly.

The Doctrine of Judas indicates the way in which to work with the elimination of all the psychic aggregates, the psychological defects, with the death of the Ego. Because of this Judas hanged himself to indicate the fact that the ego must be reduced to ashes.

Judas played a role and nothing more, he prepared with the conscience. In order not to contradict with anything the Sacred Scriptures, he learned it several times before he made it public, just as an actor plays his role and nothing more.

Judas was and is the most exalted disciple of Jesus Christ, he achieved the Christification.

We end this brief exposition advising the kind reader to profoundly investigate this topic, in order for him, through himself, to reach a superior understanding.

Judas leaving the money
The Truth about Judas
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rick said:

Bravo, for the perspicacity of your commentary. Wouldn't it be in the best interests of everyone, both metaphysically and upon the the earth, to honor the name of Judas? Isn't the time right to build the house of Judas?
June 05, 2014

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