The Astral Projection

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The Astral Projection

In the fourth dimension or the astral world, the soul travels every night, during sleep, while the physical body remains in bed, this phenomenon being called astral projection. Unfortunately this projection happens in an unconscious manner. The phenomena and the experiences that we live in this dimension, are generally called dreams. By practicing the various keys that Gnosis gives in order to halve consciously, these ‘dreams’ can become reality and this way we can travel to several corners of the planet, we can invoke superior beings who can guide us and teach us the great mysteries of life and death etc.

For this we will show you certain ‘Mantrams’ that allow us to develop the faculty of projection in the Astral consciously and according to will. ‘Mantram’ means ‘power word’.

Gnostic science says that the sound produces visible and tangible effects in the tridimensional world and also in the superior dimensions of nature. A kind word stops anger; an ironic word provokes many feelings inside the one who listens to it. So, the sound is the causa causorum of the whole creation. Apostle John said: ‘At first it was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made through Him; and nothing of what was made was made without Him...‘ It is useful to know that the mantrams are words of great power. The vibrations of these words, of these letters, of these multiple sound combinations, awaken the latent powers of the human being

We will teach the king reader a couple of practices for consciously entering in the Astral World.

The "EGIPTO" Mantram

Astral projection, mantram

The power of consciously getting out in astral body is obtained by vocalizing daily, for an hour, the sacred mantra EGIPTO. The vowel ‘E’ makes the thyroid gland vibrate and confers strength to the occult hearing. The ‘G’ awakens the liver’s chakra and when this chakra reaches its complete development, the man can enter and get out of the body every time he wants to. The vowel ‘I’ combined with the letter ‘P’ develops the Clear-sightedness and the power to get out in astral body through Brahma’s window, which is the Pineal gland. The letter ‘T’ impacts the vowel ‘O’, closely related to the heart’s chakra and so the man can obtain the power to detach from this plexus and get out in astral body.

This is the correct pronunciation of the mantram:


This mantra develops completely the chakras related to the projection of the astral body, and so the disciple obtains the power to enter and get out of the physical body according to will.


The disciple will doze while he vocalizes the PHARAOH mantram, by dividing it in three syllables, this way:


The disciple will have to lay down, horizontally, his face up. He will put the palms of his hands, without rigidity, on the bed’s surface; the knees, flexed up, with the soles of his feet resting on the bed. All the body must be relaxed. Laid like this, the disciple will doze and, profoundly inspiring, will vocalize the PHARAOH mantram. Inevitably, the sleeping disciple, will get out of the physical body without knowing when of how. Already in the internal worlds, in the Fourth Dimension where his astral will irresistibly project, he will completely awaken his conscience, that is to say, he will be aware of his unexpected experiences in those worlds.

Master Huiracocha advised, for this practice, to burn any spice, incense or simply to impregnate the room with a good perfume.

We advise you to mentally vocalize. The disciple must doze while singing this mantram with his imagination and will concentrated on the Pyramids of Egypt. A lot of exercise and patience are needed.

Bibliography: the works of SAMAEL AUN WEOR

Astral Projection, Astral Body
Astral Projection, Astral Body, mantram, dreams
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