The Lateral Octave of the Sun

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The Lateral Octave of the Sun

The superior centers are fully developed in us and are sending us messages which we must learn to consciously intercept. [...] Without doubt, the significance of these transcendental dreams belongs to the same order to which it belongs the realization of the Ray of Creation itself and namely, to the lateral octave of the Sun...

Samael Aun Weor“The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac”

Going thoroughly into the Esoteric problems, the following book has reached our hands: “Gnosis, Esoteric Christianism” written by Boris Mouravieff and edited by “CS Editions” (Argentina), in which we can find something regarding The Lateral Octave of the Sun.

Due to the fact that the revealed data correspond with The Gnostic Doctrine revealed by the Venerable Master Samael, we intend to transcribe certain paragraphs in favour of the students of the Gnostic Philosophy as helpful elements for the understanding of what is the Lateral Octave of the Sun and the Current of the Sound.

The Law of 7 is, therefore, a general law that governs all types of conscious or mechanical movements that take place in the Created Universe, meaning that any movement or creation develops according to a gamut.”

The Lateral Octave of the Sun – Gnosis, Esoteric Christianism

“Obviously, on any scale, the natural progression undergoes a deviation, is delayed, sometimes retained in the intervals between DO and SI, and between FA and MI. Here is the profound meaning of the term “Destiny”, as it was elaborated by the ones of old. In accordance with these, even Zeus has no escape from his empire.”

“In fact, the action of the Absolute, following in its work the RAY OF CREATION, also obeys this Law. Like any creative work, this action follows (of course) a descendant gamut”.

“Of course, for the Will of the Absolute to be able to pass the stage of manifestation and then to go along all the levels from the gamut of The Ray of Creation till the final point which is the note RE (which for this author is the Moon, but in the Gnostic Esoterism, the Ray of Creation ends in the Submerged World or the religios Avernus) was and continues to be necessary to surmount, in the first place, the interval between DO and SI and then to neutralize the tendency of deviation caused by the delay suffered by its progression between FA and MI.”

“The First Interval is surmounted through the Will of the Absolute. Through its creative Will, which appears at this point as a conscious effort, that gives the First Impulse to the pre-meditated and pre-determined Creation. This Creative Force, we already said, is Love.”

The Lateral Octave of the Sun – The Ray of Creation

“Regarding the Interval between FA and MI (from the Great Octave), this is also full of the Will of the Absolute, but already not as direct as in the first case. This Will acts here on the second level, but always as Creative Force of Love. Now it presents itself above the inferior plane correspondent to the interval in question. Through this input of complementary Forces, at the desired cosmic time and place it is allowed the First Creative Action to follow without hindrance its development.”

“From technical point of view, the transmission of the Creative Energy through the Second Interval is done by the applying in the Cosmic Plane of an AUXILIARY LATERAL OCTAVE through the creation of the Planetary World, THE SUN of the Great Octave stars to resonate as DO of the Lateral Octave.”

“If we look at the scheme which represents the Cosmic Octave, we can ascertain the fact that between the Absolute and the Sun there is no intermediary body that has a different nature in terms of substance. As a consequence, the notes SI (all galaxies) and LA (The Milky Way), are composed of bodies in various stages of existence (formation, maturation, ageing, death), but all are similar or at least analogous to our Sun.”

The Lateral Octave of the Sun – The Milky Way

“The Sun, like all the other stars from the Astronomical Universe (where every star is a Sun for its own system) is a whole. And between the Absolute and this whole which, according to the Tradition is considered THE BODY OF THE COSMIC CHRIST, there isn’t any, we repeat this, intermediary body to be, by nature, different. As a result, there isn’t anything else concentrating there but various groups of bodies of the same Solar Nature. For this reason, the spirit of this Integral Solar Body was considered as the consubstantial being of the Absolute (born and not made), Son of God, Cosmic Christ, as we say.”

“Its manifestation in the Ray of Creation expresses more precisely by the fact that the note SOL from the Great Octave resounds like the DO of the Lateral Octave, bound, unquestionably, to the Ray of Creation itself".

“The Lateral Octave is, in the Universe, the conductor of Life in its various forms. The Spirit of the Sun, The Christ lives; he understands the plenitude of the Solar, Planetary and Satellites’ Life in all its aspects, present, disappeared or about to occur. This is the general Significance of the Lateral Octave.”

The Lateral Octave of the Sun – The Current of the Sun

We will conclude by saying that either up or down, i.e. on an ascendant or descendant scale of the Current of the Sound, an impulse is necessary, a shock based always on the Solar Christic Force, for the nodes of the intervals not to delay our creation and the projection that must be transmitted continuously and extended until the return to the Absolute, The Cosmic Nursery which we once came out of.

If someone in life proposes to make a plan, a project, must inevitably start with the note DO, to continue with RE, to reach note MI. Once reached this part, will have difficulties, inconveniences, for there is a pause between the note MI and the note FA; then THE CURRENT OF THE SOUND tends to regress towards the original starting point and as a consequence or corollary, it is almost normal for the initial effort to decrease, for the project which was set in motion to sink; but if a person ventures into a new effort to cross the pause (the pause that is made between note MI and FA), it is obvious, almost normal for the initial impulse to maintain itself in a straight line and even ascending, and the business will prevail.

Continuing with these, we see that the notes FA, SOL, LA come then, but between SI and DO there is a new pause. If the initial impulse is not strengthened, THE CURRENT OF THE SOUND will regress to the original departure point and the business, the project or the trade fails; therefore it is very important this aspect of the 7 musical notes, is formidable this matter of THE CURRENT OF THE SOUND...


The Lateral Octave of the Sun
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