The Dreams and their Interpretation

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The Divine Mother–The Elemental Magician

From immemorial times man has felt profoundly impacted by three phenomena, which, throughout history, have been constant: Birth, Death and Dreams. Without doubt that this topic is fascinating because it preoccupies everyone. All us human beings dream or at least one time we dreamed or had dreams that could possibly have marked our life in a certain moment.

The great civilizations gave dreams a great importance. The Egyptians considered the phenomenon of dream as a little death. Another example it is given to us by the Priests of Apollo, in the citadel of Corinth, Greece, who brought the sick into a sleep state and through some kind of hypnosis they ordered the sick to search in the Dream World for the cause of his illness. This thing is known as Oneirotherapy. The Bible, in the Old Testament, offers us numerous oneiric passages and emphasizes their importance. Thus it is spoken of Joseph who deciphered the seven years of abundance and the seven years of poverty which have befallen upon Egypt in those times. In the same context we must not forget the dream of Jacob in which he saw a ladder stretching from Earth to Heaven on which angels were ascending and descending. This is a living allusion to the Hyperdimensional Space which links our Tridimensional World with the Superior Worlds of Consciousness.

The Greek Philosophy, through Plato, states that the world of dreams is more real than the world of forms or of the everyday life. He said that “Man is known by his dreams”. This assertion was scientifically confirmed much later by Sigmund Freud’s and Carl Gustav Jung’s Psycho-analysis. The latter came to the conclusion that “dreams have a content full of messages which seek to unravel the enigmae that envelops our existence”. Throughout history many times dreams have occurred many times, and this is the case of Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar, before the latter being assassinated; also, Abraham Lincoln dreamed his own death a week before the tragedy. The discoveries of the great chemists originate in their dreams, as is the case of Mendeleev, who comprised the Periodic Table of Elements after a dream.

The Enigmae of Dreams

It is true that not all the symbols that manifest in dreams have a transcendental or occult significance, because many dreams are the fruit of succesive impresions that have saturated, throughout the day, the centers of the human machine. These are what Gnosis calls purely mechanical dreams. Thus there are mechanical dreams related with the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual center. There are also symbolic dreams and prophetic dreams.

Este adevărat că nu toate simbolurile care se manifestă în vise au o semnificaţie transcendentă sau ocultă, întrucât multe vise sunt rodul impresiilor succesive care au saturat, pe durata zilei, centrii maşinii umane. Acestea sunt ceea ce Gnoza numeşte vise pur mecanice. Astfel există vise mecanice relaţionate cu centrii intelectual, emoţional, motor, instinctiv şi sexual. De asemenea există vise simbolice şi vise profetice.

Nevertheless, The V. M. Samael Aun Weor warns us that the interpretation of dreams is not credible and it does not have profundity if the dream reader, previously, did not achieve a psychological work upon himself, a constant self-critique and self-correction. The interpretation of symbols is very delicate, that is why the symbols must be analyzed with dettachment, without superstition, malice, distrust, pride, vanity, fanaticism, envy, greed, jealousy, enmities, preconceived ideas etc. Samael Aun Weor underlines the fact that the interpretation of any dream “must be terribly analytical, extremely scientific and essentially mystical”. The reader is invited to study the work of Artemidorus of Ephesus entitled “The Interpretation of Dreams”, to research “Psychology and Alchemy” written work by C. G. Jung, in which he shows how well he knew the human soul, and especially to profoundly investigate the Gnostic teachings.

From all these will be able to achieve what is called “Knowledge” and in order to transform oneself into a true oniromancer, into a true sage, the devotee must never forget three things: to think right, to feel right and to act right.

The Interpretation of dreams, Carl Gustav Jung
The Interpretation of dreams, dream, Carl Gustav Jung, Samael Aun Weor.
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