Astrological Influence-Modifiable Influence

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Johfra Boschard-Zodiacal Sign of Taurus

Much is speculated in Astrology regarding its presumed utility of it in the personal development. We cannot deny that the zodiacal, planetary etc., influences exist and affect us due to the “lunar” condition of our Psyche. Without doubt, only knowing ourselves directly, just as the Esoteric Psycho-Astrology teaches us, we can obtain real, profound changes.

Regarding this, the Gnostic Student already knows that the first thing he has to do is to revolutionize against the astrological influences.

We were told that The Law of Karma (The Law of Cause and Effect) chooses intelligently the Zodiac Sign that must govern our existence; thus we are born under the Zodiac Sign that corresponds to us.

On the other hand, from the astrological point of view importance is given also to the Sign of the Ascendent and generally it’s related with the personality and the physical aspect of the individual.

This we do not deny, as well as the fact that someone’s temperament, whether Lymphatic, Nervous, Sanguineous or Bilious (or Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguineous and Choleric), results almost entirely from the Element of the ascendent Sign, be it Earth, Water, Air or Fire.

We do not doubt the importance of the Temperament for the practical conjugal compatibility, neither the affinity in the Intellectual, Emotional, Instinctive, Motor and Sexual Area. We just want to emphasize that the Personality ties us to Karma, for this is deposited in it and that the Genetic Inheritance is the instrument of the Law of Karma.

There is no doubt that if, instead of taking advantage of the influence of our Zodiac Sign to self-exceed ourselves and to really help our neighbours, we polarize with the negative aspect of that sign, than, it is natural that in our next existence to suffer the consequences of our own mistakes.

In this sense, The Genetic Inheritance and the circumstances of the environment in which we will unfold (and which we created them, in the previous existence) during childhood, are those that configure our Physical Body, Temperament and Personality.

„The Law is Law and The Law fulfills”, this is tremendously true. It is not smart to protest against the Cosmic Justice, especially when it makes us pay, with much compassion, what we owe, and even if sometimes its effects are unpleasant, let’s not forget that we reap what we alone have sown and generated in the past. It is interesting to learn from every circumstance of life, no matter how difficult this would be and to perfect ourselves as human beings. It is necessary to emphasize that the Law of Cosmic Causality is the Objective Justice and Divine Mercy.

Rogier Wan der Weyden–The Last Judgment–The Scale

Well, the Zodiac Influence of the dominant sign in the period of the year in which we are born, prepares us to obtain the maximum benefit of our concrete circumstances of this existence; the same influence confers to our mentality and to our temperament a character related to the element Earth, Water, Air or Fire.

But if we do not take advantage of this opportunity to “work on ourselves”, than, through the tendency towards disorder or entropy of the natural mechanics of things, we will commit mistakes and we will develop or nourish old psychological defects, specific to the negative aspect of our Zodiac Sign. Inevitably, those mistakes will be causes and origins of some posterior defects and effects on ourselves

On the contrary, if, by studying Gnosis we understand the sense of The Esoteric Gnostic Work and we accomplish The Cosmic Existential Duty of the Being, we will polarize with the positive aspect of our Zodiac Sign and in consequence, this will be more useful to us in the work of making the Solar Qualities or Virtues flourish which are in the profundity of our Real Being, and also we will deliver us from Karma and from “The Zodiac Tyranny”, including we will get to change the sign at will.

Alex Chiner, Great Britain

The human organism is a Living Zodiac and in each of the 12 Constellations, the Conscience sleeps profoundly. We need to awaken or Consciousness to make each of the parts of our own microcosmic Zodiac shine.

Our entire Zodiac must turn into Light and Splendour.

The Profane Astrologers will tell you that a quadrature of Saturn with Mars will bring you a catastrophe or that an opposition of Venus with Mars an amorous failure etc., but these Prognoses of the Profane Astrology CAN FAIL, even if the mathematical calculations are accurate, because THE SIDEREAL FORCES are not blind forces, they are the rays of the Sidereal Genii and these Lords can modify all the human events even if the horoscope is full of quadratures and oppositions.

It is written with lit coals in the book of life that he who obtains the total Elimination of the Ego can get to change his sign and influences at will.
We cannot deny that the influences of the Sign exist and manipulate us as long as we did not make a PSYCHOLOGICAL REVOLUTION within ourselves. But on the path of any student who aspires to enlightenment, we must start to revolutionize against what the Horoscopes determine.

Samael Aun Weor

Astrology Zodiac-Astrological Influence

Astrology Zodiac-Astrological Influence

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