The Lunar Symbol

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Moon - The Lunar Symbol

We explained in a previous article, when we talked about the Solar Symbol, the fact that the signs and the symbols through which the old wise men and masters transmitted the initiatory knowledge and the knowledge of the neophytes, and which in the same time served as veil for the eyes of the profanes, were not elaborated or conceived hazardously.

On the contrary, they were in agreement with the Supreme Laws of Nature and Cosmos, and with those of the Secret Road that should be followed for the fulfillment of the Particular Universe of the human being, always based on the axiom:

What is up is similar to what is down.

Well, let’s continue now by analyzing the Lunar Symbol...If in the previous one, The Sun was the circle with a point in the middle, now we find out that this circle is divided in two.

This symbolizes the split of the First Force (the Universal Principle of Life), in the Second one (which is the Great Alaya of the Universe), that is to say the Duality, the feminine aspect, receptive, and in the same time generator of the Nature.

In other words, the Mother God, the Great Genesis Womb, that the Logos as active force fecundates at the dawn of Creation, making life possible.

She is so, the Symbol of the fertile womb from which everything gets born and where everything returns.

Here is the first reason of its symbolical form. But there are others that we will further analyze.

The Moon relates to water, not only because the satellite of our planet governs the tides, and generally all liquids, but because, as it is already said:


‘After the Sun and its fire, that is to say, its fertile vibrations, the water is the basis of the entire life, is the Terrestrial Feminine Element, the Mother Sea or the Nourishing Cow (and its horns in shape of crescent Moon), symbolized in all religious theologies by thousands of adorable lunar names: IO, Maya, Diana, Lucina, Ataecina, Calquihuitl, Nut, Isoberta, Adonia, Rhea, Cybele, Opis, Der, and many others.’

This fluid is presented under two opposite aspects: the static and the dynamic; the charming lake always quiet and the stormy river.

In the calm lacustrine (of a terrible activity) we see once again the Lunar Symbol, as an hermetic recipient (container of the Spermatic Waters of the first moment), the feminine Yoni, or anyway the brain’s cup; in the stormy river or in the Fertile Waters appears the double line of the Aquarius ( ), also hieroglyph of the Eternal Feminine: Mamă, Mater, Madre, Mère, Mother, Maria, Maya, Mar...

Because of this it is also associated with the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy. And it is curious that, its metal being Silver, this one is represented in the period table by the letters Ag, radical of ‘Aqua’.

KA Statue

The Egyptians have the Divine Nourishing Cow and its horns in shape of crescent Moon, and beside this, in the representation of the ‘Ka’ or of the Astral Body and of the Astral World, they have a little wooden statue with the two arms in shape of half-moon above the head and exactly the Astral World is completely Lunar, is the Angels’ Shelter.

All Sidereal Energies crystallize through the intermediary of the Moon and the astrologists know that.

The Moon governs the gestation and the births. Without ignoring what we previously said, because of this, the Mayas conceived the letter ‘U’, in order to designate the Moon, whose signification and allegory are obvious.

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