The german archaeologists have discovered the palace of the Queen of Shebah

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Solomon and the Queen of Shebah – Shebah Palace

The german archaeologists have discovered the palace of the Queen of Shebah.

Her ancient Kingdom, mentioned in the Bible and the Qur’an, is in the area of Ethiopia.

The german archaeologists have found the remains of the palace of the legendary Queen of Shebah in Axum, in Ethiopia, and revealed with this, one of the biggest mysteries of the Antiquity, as announced today the University of Hamburg.

A group of researchers under the guidance of profesor Helmut Ziegert had found during a field research that took place this spring, the palace of the Queen of Shebah, dated from the 10th century B. C., in Axum-Dungur.

reports an official statement of the university above mentioned.

Solomon and the Queen of Shebah

The note underlines that "in this palace the Ark of the Covenant could have been kept for a while”, where, according to the historical and religious sources, were in custody the ttablets with the Ten Commandments which Moses received from God on Mount Sinai. The remnants of the residance of the Queen of Shebah were discovered below the palace of a Christian king.

The investigations have revealed that the first palace of the Queen of Shebah was moved shortly after its construction and raised again, oriented towards the star of Sirius

emphasizes the archaeologists from the University of Hamburg.

AThese assume that Menelik the First, the King of Ethiopia and the son of the Queen of Shebah and of King Solomon of Jerusalem, was the one who ordered the raising of the palace in its final place. The german archaeologists underline that in this palace was an altar, where it was probably located the Ark of Covenant, which according to the tradition it was a gilded chest of acacia wood.

Solomon and the Queen of Shebah – The Ark of CovenantThe many offerings that the german researchers have found arround the place where the altar should have been, were appreciated by the experts as a clear sign of the special importance that this place had transmitted throughout the centuries.

The team formed around profesor Ziegert is studying in Axum since 1999 the history of the beginnings of the Kingdom of Ethiopia and of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The actual results indicate the fact that, through the Ark of Covenant and Judaism, arrived in Ethiopia the cult of Sothis, which was maintained until the 6th century A. D.

the german archaeologists state.

This cult, related to the Egyptian Goddess Sopdet and with the star Sirius, brought with itself the rule that "all the cult edifices to be oriented to the place of birth of this constellation”, the university note comments.

Finally, they report that "“the remains of cattle sacrifices are also a characteristic” of the cult for Sirius, practiced by the descendants of the Queen of Shebah.


Article exceprt from "El Pais" Magazine, 08/05/2008

Solomon and the Queen of Shebah – Archaeology

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