The Adversaries of Gnosis

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Gnoza- Adversari

Gnosticism as a doctrine met, on various occasions in history, adversaries who wanted to discredit it. Of all times Gnosis has been attacked by the ones that don’t want in any way to show the profound knowledge entirely, which allows the exact interpretation of the philosophical paths, and therefore the deserved self-liberation or salvation of man. Evidently, behind the attacks against Gnosis or Gnosticism, dogmatic interests hid which see their continuity and their existence on the field of the social life of nations threatened.

The Gnosticism was at the same time condemned because often it wasn’t understood. However, it genuinely represents a mystical-philosophical system that tries to explain to the human species the reason for its sufferings and to liberate it from them.

The authentic Gnosticism has only one purpose, that of making the man conscious of his duty to the purpose of his existence, that being his inner Being.

NIt was never the fault of Gnosis that some subjects (sometimes tied to politics) believing or naming themselves Gnostics, had committed acts against the order, against the good customs and in general against humanity. This case is similar to the catholic inquisitors of the Middle Eve, who far from being the incarnation of the Christian principles, they yet were put on the cloak of Christianity to committ crimes against the innocents and educated people. The real Christians will know how to understand what this example wants to say. «Not all that glitters is gold», says the popular proverb.

The Gnosis, Adversaries - The Inquisition, Ahimsa

The errors of many pseudo-gnostics who existed in certain periods of history don’t fit in any point of view with the primitive gnostic doctrine, nor with the present one. Gnosticism always taught AHIMSA (non-violence) and those who argue violence as an excuse for their actions and pretend to present themselves as gnostics, are a faithful reflection of the pharisaism existent in all the ages and doctrines of humanity.

The Adversaries of Gnosis-Ahimsa
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