The Cult of Fire

Written by Samael Aun Weor   

The secret doctrine of Avesta states that different types of fires exist: the fire of the lightning that flashes in the terrifying night, the fire which works inside the human organism producing calories and directing the processes of digestion, the fire which is concentrated in the innocent plants of Nature, the fire which smoulders within the mountains, and which is spewed out by the volcanoes of the Earth, the fire that is in the presence of Ahuramazda forming his divine halo, and the everyday fire that the profane use in order to cook their food.

Fire in Persian Culture-Ahuramazda-Avesta

The Persians used to say that when boiling water is spilled or when a living being is burnt, in those cases, God stops all the benefits which he has granted unto his privileged people.

In fact, fire has many modifications, but among all the fires, the most powerful is the one that blazes in the presence of Ahuramazda (the Solar Logos), forming his divine halo. This fire is the outcome of the transmutation of the sexual secretions. This fire is the Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Whosoever wants to find the fire of Ahuramazda must search for it within the interior of his philosophical earth. This earth is the human organism itself. The Persian priests cultivated this fire in places of complete darkness, subterranean temples, and secret places. The altar was always an enormous metal chalice with its base upon the Philosophical Stone. The fire was always nourished with fragrant and dry wood, especially the delectable branches of sandalwood. The old priests always blew upon the fire with bellows, so as not to profane it with the sinful breath of the human mouth.

Fill your chalice with the sacred wine of light. Let your chalice always be full of lively fire! Imitate the old priests of the Fire! Remember, dear reader, that the secret and philosophical living Fire blazes within your own philosophical earth. Now you will comprehend the occult mystery of the Ritual of Fire.

The Fire

Two priests always tended the fire. Behold the Binary. They each used tongs to place the pieces of wood and a spoon to scatter in it the perfumes. There were, then, two tongs and two spoons. In all this we can see the Binary. By this it is understood that only the number two can tend the Fire. It is necessary that the man and the woman in perfect Binary to light and watch over the divine Fire of Ahuramazda.

Only the one who drinks the pure Water of life can light the Fire. Only the one who washes his feet in the Waters of renunciation can light the Fire. That water symbolizes the Ens Seminis.

In all Persia there are ruins of complex temples and antechambers where the Cult of Fire was performed. These ruins can be found today in Persepolis, Ispahan, Yezd, Palmyra, Susa, etc.

The Fire is terribly divine. Therefore, the fire must never be absent from within the homes of those who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony. A candle lit with profound devotion is always equal to a prayer, and thus, it attracts from above a tremendous flow of divine energy. Every prayer to the Logos should be accompanied by fire. Like this, the prayer is powerful.

The time in order to return to the Cult of Fire has arrived. Gnostics should journey to the mountains and there, within the profound bosom of mother nature, build fires, light the fire, pray and meditate. In this way we can attract from above powerful flows of divine energy that will help us in the Great Work of the Father.

The human being must light his forty-nine Fires by means of sexual magic. When our thoughts are aflame we can create like the ineffable Gods of the Cosmos. The Holy Gods are true Ministers of Fire.

We have to raise the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers up to the Golgotha of the Father (the cerebrum).

In the Magistery of Fire the true devotee has to live the whole Drama of Initiation. The Four Gospels are written in code, and only Initiates understand them. The Hierophant Jesus was not the first to live this Drama of the Passion. Nor was he the last. This Drama has been lived by all those who have Christified themselves.

Whoever investigates the Sacred Scriptures of all the archaic religions will discover with surprise that this Drama existed many millions of years before Jesus Christ. All the great Avatars have lived the same Drama of the Passion, have been in the position of Jesus.

The Great Master of Perfection lived the whole Drama as it is written, but we must not interpret the Four Gospels literally. Let us remember that the town of Bethlehem did not even exist in the time of Jesus.

Isis-Tonantzin, Rhea, Cibele, Maria, Adonia, Insoberta, Hadit


Christ is always the Son of the Divine Mother Kundalini. She always conceives her Son through the work and grace of the Third Logos. She is always Virginal, before the birth, during the birth and after the birth./p>

Among the Egyptians, the Virgin is Isis; among the Hindu, Kali (in her positive aspect); among the Aztecs, Tonantzin. She is Rhea, Cybele, Maria, Adonia, Insoberta, etc.

The worshippers of the fire can chant this prayer during the practice of sexual magic with their priestess. The letter “H” of Hadit is vocalised as a “H” - thus: “Hadit”.

The mantras of this prayer have the power to sublimate the sexual energies, the Hyle of the Gnostics, to the heart.

When the Initiate invokes the Divine Mother Kundalini, either to help him place his physical body into Jinn state, or for any other miracle of High Magic, she appears as a Most Pure Virgin, as a most adorable Mother. All of our most beloved mothers of all our reincarnations are represented in her.

Those pseudo-esotericists who suppose that the Serpent awakens totally and completely developed are very mistaken. The Kundalini needs to develop, evolve, and progress until it reaches its complete development. Sex must help the Kundalini. The Kundalini must help sex. We must neither abuse sex nor the Kundalini.

The Seven Serpents have their marvelous double in the Seven Serpents of Light. First the Fire, then the Brahmic Splendor of the Venustic Initiation. We first need to climb the Septenary Scale of Fire and, then, the Septenary Scale of Light.

We first need to resurrect in the Fire and then in the Light.

Sufi Dervishes-Sufi whirling, Cult of FireThe Divine Mother Kundalini, with the Golden Child of Sexual Alchemy in her loving arms, guides us through the terrible Path of the Razor’s Edge. Our adorable Isis, whose veil no mortal has ever lifted, can forgive all of our past karma if we really repent for all of our errors.

The Serpent of Fire totally transforms us. The serpent transforms us into tremendously divine Gods of the Cosmos.

The Whirling Dervishes

In Persia, as well as in Turkey, etc., the sacred dances of the Whirling Dervishes are in essence a Cult to the Fire. It is a shame that the authorities of Angora, boasting of being very civilized, have prohibited these public dances of the Whirling Dervishes.

The Dervishes marvelously imitate the movement of the planets of the Solar System around the Sun. The dances of the Dervishes are intimately related with the dorsal spine and the Sexual Fires. We must never forget that the serpent enjoys music and dance, as the snake charmers from Egypt and India have already demonstrated. They play their marvelous flutes and the enchanted serpents dance.

(Samael aun Weor, excerpt from the book "The Perfect Matrimony", chapter The Cult of Fire).

Cult of Fire
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