Gnosis and Art

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‘And what is for you the real art in Gnosis?’

So, all that artistic creation that can get to thrill the heart and the emotional center of the spectator, giving him profound joy and interior peace. For example, when we observe Michelangelo’s Pieta, Moses of the same author, also when we see the paintings that Michelangelo made in the Sistine Chapel, Rafael’s frescoes, in the Vatican Museum, Leonardo da Vinci’s La Gioconda, etc., etc., we feel invaded by a very beautiful emotion that sometimes we cannot explain, because it belongs to the superior emotional center of our human machine. That is Art.

Also, when we listen to a Beethoven’s symphonies, Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg concert, Verdi’s or Wagner’s operas, we transpose ourselves emotionally towards a wonderful psychological state and when that concert or that audition ends, we generally remain with an interior force that motivates us to love life, to fight for our goals, etc., etc., that is the finality of Art, my friend.

You will never feel that when you assist to an abstract painting exhibition, because scribbles don’t transmit anything, anything, anything.

‘Talking about paintings, could Gnosis explain to me what is the true meaning of the enigmatic smile and of the painting in general, of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, La Gioconda?’


With pleasure. You see, regarding this work of art, La Gioconda, thousands of intellectuals have tried for centuries and could never reveal the true meaning of this wonderful work. Fortunately, a man with a one hundred percent awakened Conscience, called Samael Aun Weor, the Father of Contemporary Gnosis, explained it to us.

First you must know that Leonardo was a Mystery Master, aside the fact that he was a master in painting. So as Mystery Master, he had powers like perceptiveness, clear audition, the power to see the past and the future of human kind. That is why he was capable to paint his own inner Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of divinity inside him. That is why La Gioconda has an enigmatic smile as this is neither more nor less than the smile of his own Inner Divine Mother.

That is the reason for which she is dressed in a dress with a mystic and austere character. Behind her we can see two roads, one that leads towards the forest and another one that leads towards a deserted, rocky, abrupt mountain. Those two roads are the two roads of the Alchemic Art, the Dry Road or the Direct Road, and the Humid Road or the Spiral Road.

The Dry Road is of those alchemists who aspire to total freedom.

The Humid Road is of those alchemists who only aspire to Nirvana.

Still don’t forget the amount of stupidities that were said about La Gioconda: that she was Leonardo’s mistress, that she was a friend who visited the court of Medici family in Florence, who in its return was Leonardo’s and other artists’ Maecenas, that she was a pregnant woman because she had the upper lip a little swollen to the right (this was recently said by a gynecologist) etc, etc.

These are the illustrious ignoramuses who believe that knowledge only belongs to the universities nowadays. They judge things and phenomena according to their own concepts and those concepts don’t coincide with reality. One thing is the concept and another very different thing, can be reality.

Extract from the book ‘Gnostic Ontology’ by Oscar Uzcátegui Quintero

Madonna by Raphaello
Gnosis and Art
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Michael said:

It is a self portrait. The underlying mirror image is his true "vision" of himself. The enlightened self of father, son, and spirit when they become one. What a human looks like without the false clothing of the body. Much more within the brilliant image he shares. Seek and you will find. Truth.
January 03, 2016

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