Life and Death

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Life is a kind of energy which is determined and which determines. From birth until death there are in the human body different kinds of energy. The only kind of energy to which the human body cannot resist is the energy of the Ray of Death. This ray has a very high electrical voltage. The human body cannot resist to this voltage. Like a lightening can destroy a tree, the ray of death can inevitably destroy the human body. The Ray of Death connects the phenomenon of death with the one of birth. The Ray of Death produces very intimate electric discharges and also produces a key note which has the precise power to combine the genes in the fertilized ovule. The Ray of Death reduces the human body to its fundamental elements.

Samael Aun Weor: ‘Fundamental Education’

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What We Are

The first thing that someone needs to know in life is where he comes from, where he goes, what is the purpose of his existence, why are we here…Without any doubt, if we want to know something concerning the destiny that awaits us, our own life, it is necessary, first of all, to know what we are, this is urgent and unavoidable.

The physical body in itself is not the only thing. A human body is formed of organs and each organ is formed of certain cells, each cell is formed of molecules and each molecule of atoms. If we divide an atom we free energy. The atoms are formed of ions, which turn around electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. etc. etc. All these are known in nuclear physics.

Finally, the human body is resumed to different types and subtypes of energy, and this is very interesting; even the human mind is energy. Some waves that come out of the brain can be registered. We know that scientists measure mental vibrations with very sensitive devices and these vibrations are listed as micro volts. So, finally, our human body is reduced to different types and subtypes of energy. Matter is only condensed energy that is why Albert Einstein said: ‘Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.’ He also said: ‘Mass is transformed into energy and energy into mass’. This way, as a synthesis, matter is condensed energy.

Physical Body, Aura, Vital Body

The physical body has a vital organic fund. This is the theosophists’ LINGAM SARIRA, the bio-thermo-electro-magnetic condensation or the persons’ aura. This body is the basis of organic life. No organism can live without the vital body. Each atom of the vital body gets inside each atom of the physical body, and this way, makes it vibrate. All chemical, physiological and biological phenomena, any type of reception phenomenon, all metabolic processes, all caloric actions etc., have their root in the vital body. This body is truly a kind of organic double. For example, if an arm of this organic double comes out of the physical arm, we feel how the hand is numb. Each atom of the vital body comes inside each atom of the physical body that is why a vibration is produced; this vibration is the one we feel when our arm starts recovering from the numbness. If we were capable to completely retire the vital body from a person’s physical body, this person would die. It is the tetra dimensional part of the physical body. The students of the Vedas consider the vital and the physical body as being a unity.

Corpul bioenergetic, aura, corp eteric

Beyond the physical body, with its organic vital basis, we find the Egos. The ego is the sum of different inhuman elements that we have inside us. These elements are called: Anger, Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Pride, Laziness, and Greediness etc. We have so many flaws that even if we had 1000 tongues to talk and steel palate it would not be enough to enunciate all. There are persons who enthrone the egos inside the heart and make them a shrine to adore them. These persons think that the Ego is divine, but they are wrong. There are persons who divide their Ego in two: the superior Ego and the interior Ego. They want the superior Ego to control the inferior Ego. These persons don’t want to understand that the inferior and the superior part are the same thing. The Ego in itself belongs to time; the ego is a novel with many volumes. Inside the Ego are found all our flaws, all the elements that make us real intellectual animals in the most complete sense of the word. Some say that the ‘Alter Ego’ is divine and adore it; this is another way to find an escape to divide the Ego. The Ego is I and that’s all.

What Remains

Three things remain in the physical world:

  1. The flash and bones body that gets in the grave;
  2. The vital body or the ‘bio-plastic body’ as the Russians call it, which floats near the carcass and decomposes little by little, at the same time as the physical body. We know very well that every 7 years the physical body changes totally and that no alive atom remains from the ancient body. But the vital body doesn’t change. This body contains all the atoms of childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age and decrepitude.
  3. Human Personality. Personality is not the physical body, personality is energetic. We cannot see it with the physical eyes, but it exists. When a person is born in the world, she has no personality. It is formed following the parents’ example, what we learn in school, the experience of life etc. In fact, personality is formed in the first 7 years of life and develops with experience and time. personality is the daughter of its time, is born in its time and dies in its time. There is no ‘tomorrow’ for personality. After the death of the physical body, personality remains in the grave, but it comes out when someone brings it flowers, when someone comes to visit; in that moment it comes out, and after that it returns back to the grave. Human personality is perceptible for clairvoyants. Any person who has a little extra perception can see how the ex-personality easily disintegrates in the cemetery.

What Continues

But not all things remain in the physical world. There is something that continues: there are the ‘Values’, positive and negative, the good and bad ‘Egos’.

Death, Physical Body, Aura, Personality

Every person is more persons, that is to say more ‘Egos’. One thing is the ‘Ego of jealousy’ and another one the ‘Ego of non jealousy’. One thing is the ‘Ego of love’ and another one, the ‘Ego of non love’. One thing is the ‘Ego of anger’ and another one, the ‘Ego of non anger’. From all these flaws we must understand that the ‘Ego’ doesn’t exist only in an individual way. The ‘Ego’ is lots of ‘Egos’, each one with its own mental, its own will, and its own feelings. What we say here can be totally seen; we have the proof in the fact that a person loves another one for a half an hour.


Death is a sum of mathematical operations. Once the mathematical operations are done only one thing remains: ‘Values’, that is to say, the amount of diabolical Egos that personify our psychological flaws. Eternity devours. In the astral light our Values attract and reject one another according to the Law of universal attraction. These Values sometimes bump into each other or simply attract and reject each other

ASo, what continues after death is not a very beautiful thing. The elements that are not destroyed with the physical body are nothing else but a lot of demons, psychical aggregates, flaws. The only positive thing that exists in the background of these cavernous entities which constitute the Ego is the Consciousness, the Essence, Buddhata...

Death returns to its original point of departure. If a man doesn’t work on his own life and doesn’t try to change it, it is clear that he is about to lose his time in a miserable way, because a man is nothing else than what he will be. We must work with our own life, in order for it to become a work of art. Life is like a movie. When we finish the movie we carry it into eternity. In eternity we live again the life that we lived before. During the first days of disembodiment, the dead see the house they lived in and continue living in this place. If someone dies at 80 years old he continues to live with his nephews and will sit at the table etc.

The Ego is very convinced that it is still alive and there will be nothing in life that will convince him of the contrary. For the Ego, unfortunately nothing changes. The ego always sees life the same way. For example, that it is sited at a table and asks for the usual food. It is clear that this family won’t see him, but subconsciously will give to the dead person the food. Obviously, there won’t be any physical food, because this is impossible, but they will serve him very similar mental forms of the food the deceased person used to eat.

Viaţa şi Moartea - mort, corp fizic, corp eteric, personalitate

The disembodied can see or participate to the wake, but they never think that the wake is for them. They think that the wake is for another person who died. This deceased person feels alive, because he never thinks that he is dead. If he walks on the street he will see the same things he saw during his lifetime and nothing will make him think to the fact that something happened. If he goes to church, he will see the priest doing the service, will participate to the ritual and will very calmly get out of the church, convinced that he is alive. Nothing could make him believe that he is dead. If someone tries to tell him the contrary this deceased person will smile and won’t believe him, he will not accept in any way such an affirmation.

‘People are not interested to really understand the profound significance of Death; the only thing that people are really interested on is to continue beyond and that is all.’

Samael Aun Weor

Life and Death - End
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