The Nordic Runes: The Golden Language of the Spirit

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Runes | The Runic Alphabet
There is a Judo of the Spirit, we refer to the Runic exercises; these are formidable for attaining the Awakening of Consciousness. In the mysterious and divine nights practice this Runic Judo before the starred sky of the Urania...

Samael Aun Weor

The runic alphabet comes from a very distant past, before the time when Earth, crackling incessantly, was seeking its balance and physical stability, in order to be able to welcome in his arms the people of the Polar Age or the Protoplasmatic Age.

Those times when the Archangel Uriel cohabited physically with the Androgynous Adam, and shared with him the human evolution in the thunder of the millennia. In that time, The Great Cosmocrator Uriel teached the human race the occult power of the Runes, as instrument for communication between Gods and between the latter and humans.

Certainly, we can affirm without fear of erring, that the Runes (as enigmatic and sacred writing) has four meanings, namely:

  • They are archetypal symbols through which it is shown the flow of the Cosmic Energy.
  • They are secret postures which, practiced adequately, by the connoisseurs of the matter, can help them to become holders of such energetic and, at the same time, divine fluxes, with the evident purpose of harmonizing themselves mentally and physically for helping themselves in the Intimate Auto-Realization of their Real Being.
  • Each one of them equals with lines of "esoteric work", related to that which the alchemists have named, for centuries, „The Great Work”.
  • They represent a perfect oracle. Without any doubt, older than the Gypsies' Tarot or the I-Ching of the Chinese initiates from the ancient Order of the Yellow Dragon. Dr. Samael Aun Weor stated very clearly: „The wisdom of humanity came from North, not from East. The Nordic Runes are much older than the Hebrew alphabet”.

Nordic Runes

Reviving the Wisdom, carefully preserved for millennia among the Runic Letters, was always a constant striving among the occult circles of the past centuries, and even today.

But they were always hindered by the problem that derived from the literal interpretation of each Rune and that led to deconsidering the metaphysical sense of each of them out of ignorance. The esoteric Orthodoxy always stated that only through Gnosis would be possible to reveal the mystery of the alphabet which, according to the northern tradition, Wotan (the Scandinavian Christ) bequeathed to the people when he was crucified on "Igdrasil" (the sacred tree of the Viking myths). That which is divine is accessible to the divine, for "Nature imitates nature."

It is there, on the heights of the sacred eagle, in the Rainbow that serves as bridge to the "Æsir" to penetrate into the "Divine Asgard" (The Kingdom of the Absolute Abstract Space), where the whole power is found, the whole happiness and "the powerful force of any force", as the famous Hermes Trismegistus said during his time, in his "Emerald Tablet".

Exactly from those concomitances, presented before, results the fact that the Runic Language is coveted and guarded with fervor; for those in whom is manifesting the "Donum Dei" (Gift of the Divine), have reported, definitely, that in this alphabet are dwelled the keys that lead the men to the "Promised Land", to the divine "Thule" (The Crystal Island), inhabited only by those in whom dwells the Phoenix from Heliopolis; in Jinn Paradises, where the Walkyries still sing their eternal chants to the heroes that earned it in the hard battle against the dragon and the time, eternal enemies of the Titans...

Well, coming close to those spheres of knowledge, we can and must say, emphatically, that in our days, before the total fall, the "Æsir" have opened us a last gate to try to bring us closer to the divine nature. That gate, as well was anticipated, proved to be the "Gnosis" (revealing knowledge), which returned into the hands of one of those remarkable people who witnessed the Aurora of the Cosmic Day (Mahamvantara) and whose name was repeated by the stars and the ages per secula seculorum...

Samael Aun Weor is the spokesman of the divine lineage, who sounded the trumpet (for the last time) to wake up the contemporary "homo sapiens" from the frightful slumber in which he lives, dwells and cohabits. This Genius and Cosmocrator, relate us, step by step, in his magisterial work "Esoteric Treatise of Runic Magic", the coordinates and precise lines to reach the spheres of the infinity and to abandon the prisons of human infatuation and ignorance.

This work is another fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, to which are getting close only those who are rewarded by destiny with the aureole of Eternal Wisdom...This treatise reveals us, once and for all, the archaic knowledge embodied in the Runic Writing, so that, knowing to study, studying to understand and understanding to practice the Magic of the Runes, in which is still hidden the Hyperborean mystery, the lost word, the path of happiness and the keys to meet our internal God who, like Wotan, in his secret Valhalla, awaits our return into the bosom of the Cosmic Consciousness...

FA Rune
We must salute each new day with immense joy and, waking up from the bed, to rise our arms towards the Sun Christ, our Lord... that ineffable and sublime attitude of he who truly strives to receive the Solar Rays.
The Nordic Runes: The Golden Language of the Spirit
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