Scientists believe that – Extraterrestrial life exists

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Solar System and Extraterrestrials
In the year 1950 we talked for the first time about Flying Saucers. That year we emphasized that Flying Saucers are, in reality, Space Ships filled with inhabitants from other planets. At that time many mocked our statements, but today, the events are on our side. In the United States there is a scientific department exclusively dedicated to the investigations of these Space Ships.

Samael Aun Weor

Scientists specialized in space studies state for more than 20 years that, even though there are no conclusive evidences, it is very possible that Extraterrestrial civilizations exist.

Al Hibbs, a scientist retired from the reaction propulsion laboratory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), says that he is willing to bet a great amount of dollars that from that moment on and until the moment of his death ‘we will have proofs of intelligent life’.

Carl Sagan, astronomer of Cornell University, State of New York, said before the debate, at the annual meeting of the Committee of Scientific Investigations of Unusual Phenomena (organization dedicated to the denial of supernatural powers, whose moderator was Hibbs), that ‘in an universe of over 100.000 galaxies, each one of them consisting of several hundred million stars, the idea that our Sun is the only star with an inhabited planet is ridiculous’. ‘How is it possible to believe that we are the only type of life in the Universe?’ he rhetorically asked.

The orators agreed on the fact that there wasn’t until now any definitive confirmation of the existence of UFOs, but most of them declared that they believe in the existence of intelligent life beyond the Earth.

Frank Drake, dean in Natural Sciences of the California University, Santa Cruz, estimates that ‘the probability for intelligent life to exist in other part of the Universe is of one hundred percent, if we rely on the fact that the Chemical Evolution that produced life on Earth, exists in all the Cosmos and that there are evidences of the possible existence of the planets which gravitate around at least a dozen stars close to our Sun’.

He signaled that ‘it is possible for aliens to already be among us, but to have thought that the Earth is a zoo and to have preferred not to reveal their presence.’

Drake is the president of the Institute of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research, organism financed by NASA, with the purpose of searching the capturing of some radial signals of the extraterrestrial civilizations.

Robert Rood, astronomer of the University of Virginia, even though he stated that there are no intelligent civilizations in our Galaxy, because for him, the existence of the terrestrial Moon that generated the oceanic tide and in the same time contributed to the evolution of the first life systems, could have appeared only here on Earth, said further on: ‘It is possible that there is intelligent life in other systems, and its representatives have decided not to explore the Earth. A great deal of conceit is demanded from us in order to believe that we are the only civilization among all the other stars.’

The committee asked NASA 65 million dollars for financing a new systematic research of radial signals that could come from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Video on this subject here: UFO observance in Lima, Peru

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