Raphael Sanzio, serene and quiet spirit, part 2

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Raffaello Sanzio - Madonna of the Meadow

The intelligent painter Raphael transmits us the most priceless ingredient – the faith in Divinity. Raphael painting all these compositions having as theme the fight with what the evil personifies, and through these true defeaters of the obscure, we understand that victory exists.

Taking this thing as an example we will say without fear or distrust:

Hope and light are next to the fighter who fights with all the weapons in order to win!

The remarkable Raphael known also as a painter of madonnas, of virgins with the child thanks to the impressive number, dedicated a lot of time to make these delicate compositions. Through his interior nature, Raphael was searching for the Divine Mother, the blessed Virgin of the starry skies, found in all the cultures of the world under different names: Mary, Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Hecate, Proserpina, Devi-Kundalini, Demetra, etc. and all these names don’t represent some persons who lived in long gone eras, but represent the God Mother who loves her children very much.

Leaving aside this chaotic and restless XXI century with all the technologies, the violence, the global warming and all its happiness and unhappiness…let’s look towards a landscape at the beginning of the XVI century, where we will find Raphael contemplating the nature around him, walking in the woods, working in the big halls of the Vatican palace, or in his workshop in front of the easel, following the harmony of the nature, of the universe; looking for the harmony inside him, he was looking for his divine mother...

Raffaello Sanzio - Madonna Cowper

You see, dear readers and searchers...the true artist is the one who knows that he is only an instrument in the hands of Divinity, and this is a big honor and joy for him, as through his hands is transmitted the blessed wisdom of Divinity, and Raphael was and is a true artist. He uses symbols, archetypes to represent the cosmic truths. Raphael wasn’t representing only an image of the ‘Virgin Mary with the child’; he was transmitting through these pictures that love of the Cosmic Mother. The luminosity and the heat of the colors and also the calm and the simplicity of the compositions are part of the blessed celestial mother itself...

During that century where nature was breathing more slowly around every man and the man was also breathing more calmly and, could silently reflect upon what was around him, the good Raphael in his searches was painting the ethereal face of the Divine Mother.

Feelings of maternity, tenderness and protection shroud ‘Madonna Del Belvedere’ or ‘Madonna Cowper’ or the other madonnas that we will further present.

Raffaello Sanzio - Madonna with the Child

Where does the Madonna look? What does she want to transmit us?... No matter how we should understand we will not understand with the intellect but we will have to understand with the heart.

The people in this world and let’s not forget ourselves make the Madonna and the child suffer so many times...through our thoughts, emotions, actions… and yet if we truly repent She forgives us for everything!...

If the devotee truly decides to correct his mistakes and to step on the way of the holiness, he can ask to the Divine Mother the forgiveness of his past karma and the Divine Mother forgives him.

But, if the devotee doesn’t correct himself, and doesn’t follow the way of holiness, it is useless then to ask the Divine Mother for forgiveness because she doesn’t forgive him.

The Divine Mother forgives the sons who truly repent. She knows to forgive her sons because they are her sons. All the karma of bad actions, from the past incarnation, can be forgiven by the Divine Mother. When the repentance is absolute, the punishment proves to be useless.

Only the adorable Lady of love has the power to awaken her children, in the profound bosom of the universal Spirit of Life.

The mind needs to change in a serene lake and without storms, in which all the panorama of the starry sky should be reflected. When the mind is quiet and at peace the Divine Mother enjoys in us. That is happiness.
Raffaello Sanzio - Sistine Madonna

Before turning 30, Raphael painted the magnificent ‘Sistine Madonna’, a true masterpiece of universal art. The painting is developed vertically, having a pyramidal composition, with the presence of the Virgin with the child in the middle, and in the right and left of the canvas are Saint Sixt and Saint Catherine.

The balance and the noblesse of the composition reminds us of the beautiful paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, that is to say Virgin of the rocks’, ‘The Virgin and the chills with Saint Anne’ and even ‘Mona Lisa’.

In this painting, the Virgin, an appearance from other worlds, floating in the ether, her look is different from that of the other virgins; the Blessed Virgin looks straight forward. The intensity and the emotion of the look pierce the spectator’s heart and leave him breathless.

The good and calm Raphael, painting this majestic composition and many others that unfortunately we didn’t mention, enjoyed our heart for so many centuries and will definitively continue to enjoy us...

He finished the journey on this world’s waters on the 6th of April 1520, at the age of 37, Raphael, serene and quiet spirit, he fought for a purpose: that of being in harmony with himself and with the Universe.

Did he succeed? Definitively this thing doesn’t concern us. But still something needs to be done… with serenity let us contemplate the wonderful masterpieces of this master. This way we will get to know the one who was and is Raphael; we will be able to know ourselves a little better and we will definitively get to look otherwise at this magnificent Universe from which we are part, but not as proud discoverers, but like some children who discover for the first time their mother’s look, serene, calm...happy.

Raffaello Sanzio - Virgin with the child

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The fragments were extracted from the book written by the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor

Raffaello Sanzio
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