Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet

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No wonder that it takes intellectual training and a lot of inspiration and intuition to interpret the Hebrew text in depth. This is for a clear reason that is: in Hebrew there are no different symbols for letters and for numbers. There is a correlation between the alphabet and a numbering system, the name of this correspondence is Gematria (derived from the Greek Geometry).

Some identify two forms of Gematria: the "revealed" form, which is prevalent throughout Rabbinic Judaism, and the "mystical" form, a largely Kabbalistic practice.

In a text in which a sequence of symbols can be interpreted both as a number or a word, it is clear that there may be confusion for those not prepared in such a field.

The Hebrew Alphabet consists of 22 characters, five of them having a different form when appearing as the last letter in a word. The association of letters and numbers is made after the following code:

Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet - Letters-Numbers Table (Hebrew Alphabet)

We will give forth a fairly simple and common example over the implementation of Gematriei, that will serve both to highlight a deeper meaning of a name or word, and to highlight the special relationship between certain terms.

(!Note: Hebrew is written from right to left)
The Hebrew word for father is .āb being formed of the letters ALEF and BET: ב א

The Hebrew word for mother is .ēm and consists of the letters ALEF and MEM: מ א

The Hebrew word for child is yælæd: IOD, LAMED, DALET: ד ל י

If we use the conversion table we get:

  • for the word father: alef = 1, bet = 2 => 1 +2 = 3;
  • for the word mother: alef = 1, mem = 40 => 1 + 40 = 41;
  • for the word child : iod = 10, lamed = 30, dalet = 4 => 10 + 30 + 4 = 44.
  • Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet - Example

    The spectacular part is when we see that by adding the word "father" with the word "mother" we have the sum the value of the word "child", in other words: father + mother = child. Also, it is considered that the words which have the same value as sum of the value of its letters are related or they are in the same category.

    It is not casual that is considered that the old writings are more profound than it seems at first sight. Thus we understand the obsession of some people to penetrate the esoteric meaning of certain texts. However, the mathematical calculation is a different thing that the understanding of the symbols. From this point of view, in Gnosis it is stated that it takes more than mere intellect, sensorial mind or intermediate mind to penetrate the mysteries of the symbols. A INTERIOR MIND is needed and the three degrees of initiation will open: IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION and INTUITION. It takes another kind of dialectic, namely the dialectic of consciousness, a symbolic language similar to that of dreams and parables.

    Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet
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