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The human being has forgotten itself and as a consequence it has forgotten to live in harmony with creation and its creator, falling into routine, extremely boring, leading us to seek happiness in the many routines and vices that society offers, rushing us toward a terrible degeneration.

Change Individually

V.M. Samael, tells us, in his book "TREATY OF GNOSTIC ETHICS AND SOCIOLOGY" (recently edited by AGEAC):

Human society is the extension of the individual. If we really want a radical change, if we want a better world, a world without hunger, we need to change individually, to change within ourselves, to alter within our own individuality the abominable factors which produce hunger and poverty in the world. Let us remember that the mass is a sum of individuals. If each individual changes, the mass will inevitably change.

If each of us do not wake up to this tremendous reality we will continue with our wrong attitudes, blaming the world of what happens and demanding to others what we do not do. And so, increasingly, the error and cruelty will become stronger in the human heart.

We need to wake up and reflect to see the error and walk toward the virtue within our private life, until it becomes a daily action and leads us to restore in us the way to live consciously and intelligently.

But this won't happen in any way if we continue to justify our own unconscious actions, our own negligence, our life full of vices and fantasies. This alone can lead us to make our life our own enemy.


Global Warming

There are so many afflictions that surround the world and we accept them every day doing absolutely nothing, so we ask our patient reader to allow us to mention some of them to illustrate all:

The global warming, the climate change along with the destruction of the ozone layer fill the world of striking suffering: tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, torrential rains which killed thousands of people; cities around the world are suffering from endless droughts and infernal heat followed by a devastating cold or catastrophic floods.


All this due to deforestation, contamination with chemicals from the large factories, endless fuel abuse, air conditioners, heaters, excessive exploitation of natural resources, etc...that we are doing by our own unconsciousness.

About all this we are suffering, there were already in the 70s eminent scientists from around the world that sound the alarm worldwide. . And what happened? Nothing! We persist in following the way toward our own destruction.


Starving People

The world produces food to feed more than 12 billion people. In 2009 the United Nations warned that the number of people in critical famine reached at the highest point in history.

The United Nations stated: "The number of starving people will exceed 1,000 million for the first time in history, adding that the WFP (World Food Programme) has only one third of the budget necessary to feed 108 million people this year."


Atomic Bombs

The powerful nations of the world are filled with bombs and nuclear weapons putting all the world in imminent danger of a global confrontation.

Just remember the atomic bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August 6, 1945 and human cruelty entailed by that action. It has been more than 50 years and still many people suffer the consequences of that nuclear attack.

Nuclear Detonation Effects

Even knowing what a nuclear detonation involves, we still can not even have an idea of what it would be a nuclear war with thousands of megatons distributed around the planet, and that the joint effects would be more than the sum of the isolated explosions, there would be no place to escape.

But apparently we do not care, the spending of billions of Euros a year on nuclear weapons continues increasing each day the possibility to use them.


Violence Between Partners

Each year there are more abortions, divorces, violence between partners, sexually transmitted diseases, uterine and breast cancers, gynecological problems of all kind, damage of man's semen, impotence, and many more. All this are related with the private life, marital and sexual of the human being that is full of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Human beings have totally forgotten that with sexuality we are using the only energy of the universe able to create life, and life not only physical, but psychological and spiritual life. Being obviously a very sacred and powerful energy that, wisely used, gives life to human beings, but utilized in a wrong way destroys us as we live today.

Perfect Matrimony-Cupidon

This is the reason why all the great cultures of the past dedicated a long time to consecrate and to study the sexuality of the human being.

The Maya said:

When a man and a woman are sexually united is when they are closer to God because they become Creators.

We have forgotten all this and although we are filled with pain, we keep filling the world, every year, with pornography, brothels, child sexual abuse, rapes, sexual harassment at work, sadomasochism and a endless series of atrocities and sexual vices of any kind that only let us misery and desolation.


Hypnotized by LORD MONEY

The people of the world, hypnotized by LORD MONEY spend all their mental, emotional and physical time to make more and more money to buy the car of the year, the computer or cell phone of the last generation, high definition television, more spectacular hobbies, etc...

...completely forgetting the more necessary, forgetting about the harmony and needs of the family life, forgetting about their own health, completely forgetting who we are, and why and what are we in the level of existence.

Why are we here, dear reader? What we take with us when we die?


V.M. Samael declare, in his recently edited book "TREATY OF GNOSTIC ETHICS AND SOCIOLOGY"

Transform each one individually
If we really want a radical change, if we want a better world, a world without hunger, we need change individually, change within ourselves, change within our own individuality the abominable factors causing hunger and poverty in the world. Remember that the mass is a sum of individuals. If each individual change, the mass will inevitably change.

DIf the individual is covetous, cruel, pitiless, egotistical, etc., so will be the society. It is necessary to be sincere with oneself, [...]
If we want a radical transformation of this bitter and painful world, we need to transform each one individually, and in a really very intimate way.

We need urgently to establish firmly in our minds, the positive values of the Spirit. When the crude values of the world occupy our minds, the result is hunger, poverty, war, ignorance, diseases, etc., etc., etc.

This internal change requires comprehension, it is urgent to deeply study the causes of pain and, once discovered these causes, to comprehend them in all levels of the mind, and only then we will achieve radical change.

Only based on deep comprehension we can resolve in a positive and real form, all economic and social problems that afflict and torture us.
Deep comprehension

Therefore, dear reader, if you really want to know more deeply and you want to make your life something different, we invite you to attend our courses. Contact Us!!! Contact Form.

Wake Up, Sleeping World!
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Annelies Bakker said:

Hi :)! I started studying gnosis in the Netherlands..what else kind of information could you give me? It does give me a lot of happiness, so thank you for spreading the message! Kind regards, Annelies.
February 14, 2015

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