The Blessed Mother Nature

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Raffaello, Madonna with Child
‘Nature is a mother always virgin. Nature is always virgin and always mother. Nature is an austere and good hearted mother.’

Everything that is around us is animated by her hands, from the insignificant blade of grass, to the tallest tree, from the small bug to the imposing elephant, from the minuscule pebble to the great mountains, from the frail flame to the shining stars...

The physical body through which we move and that is so important for us in this world is built with the help of Mother Nature’s intelligence, according to everyone’s actions in the past existences.

‘Nature’s Consciousness palpitates in the heart of the tree, in the heart of the tender worm that barges on the ground, in the heart of the Aquila that haughtily flaps its bold wings over the giant granite mountainous massifs, that pierce the sky with their crenellated tours. Nature’s Consciousness gives shape to all the things, arranges the leaves of the flowers that embalm the sky with their flavors and orders the movement of the stars in the magnificent orchestration of the infinite’.

Mother Nature’s Intelligence is harmony, perfect harmony, but how can we perceive it if inside us there is chaos, contradiction. It is necessary to look for silence, interior peace, every moment...

Nature, Mountain

Far from the city and its noises, searching for silence outside and inside the depth of the mountain, the temple of Nature, here in the music of the leaves caressed by the wind, here where the colors become brighter and more intense under rain drops and warmed by the rays of the sun. learn to listen the music around you… the music of the creek that with so much force and tenacity fights to get loose from the grasp of the rocks, the songs of the birds playing among the branches of the trees, the music of all those animals unknown to us, or ignored, the music of the wind that descends, enveloping the thousand blades of grass and then rises in the sky and covers nature in an eternal ‘wuuuuuu’, the music of the sit down and contemplate this magnificent symphony of easily feel a sentiment of respect invading you. This is how wonderful is Mother Nature’s temple, from the blade of grass to the far away stars, everything is a sung breathe, the air is so strong, so calm yourself even more and you see how everything around you moves in a gracious waltz of life. Thousands of souls, elementals of water, air, fire, earth animate the flowers, the waters, the trees, the rocks, the birds, the clouds, the fog, the rain, the insects, the wind, and all the animals.

Elementals in Nature

All these children of Mother Nature, undines and Nereids, elves and sylphs, gnomes and salamanders and all the souls obey to the terribly divine force of the Blessed Mother and do not harm her divine grace because all these are innocent souls.

‘Nature is an austere and loving mother. When we get inside the mountain, we see her inside the magnificent temple, with her golden crown and dressed in sparkling white, leading the elements in the fight...all the innocent angels of earth, water, fire and air obey to the world’s blessed Mother Goddess.’

If we would truly contemplate, we would see the diaphanous beauty of these souls, and for a couple of moments we would live in harmony in that magnificent temple, and the Virgin Mother would bless you, kissing your forehead...then you would become the child who cries and rejoices at his mother’s breast, saying, imploring: Help me Mother to really see, to really hear, to really me wake up, don’t leave me in this obscurity...

These moments of silence and emotion will bring you peace, and when inside you will be a storm, when certain circumstances will sadden you, remember these emotions that bring sparkles in your eyes, remember ‘the Virgin Mother of the world’ and fight to reach every time in the temple of the world’s Blessed Goddess, with your soul or entirely...there where you really felt...sung harmonies, sublime emotions, that words cannot describe...

Nature Beauty, Flower
Mary, Adonia, Insoberta, Isis, Astarte have always symbolized the Celestial virgin of Nature.
Nature is a great workshop where God works. Nature is the temple of the world’s Virgin Mother.

Understanding what Samael Aun Weor tells us, we will not desecrate this wonderful temple, through our thoughts, emotions and especially through our actions. Let us try to live in harmony with ourselves and with the surrounding nature, this way we will be able to experiment what happiness truly is.

But first of all let’s thank in silence and thank still won’t be enough.

As the great Constantin Brâncuşi said ‘We will never be grateful enough towards the earth that gave us everything’.

With the good child’s sincerity let’s contemplate Mother Nature’s beauty.

We are all travelers, but innocence is the pathway that leads to the temple of ‘Nature’s Celestial Virgin’.

Wood patway

Fragments extracted from the book ‘The Book of the Virgin of Carmel’, by Samael Aun Weor

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