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Tarot, Arcanum No. 11, Egyptian Tarot, The Persuasion

Arcanum No. 11 in Kabbalah is known as the Arcanum of "Persuasion". Persuasion in itself is a force of a subtle Spiritual order; Occult Wisdom says: "Intensify the flame of the Spirit with the force of Love".

Love in itself is a powerful omnipotent force; the force of Love keeps the worlds around their centers of cosmic gravity. Those centers of cosmic gravity are the "Suns". This is why Hermes Trismegistus states: "I give you Love, within which the whole summum of Wisdom is contained".

A soft word pacifies Anger. Persuasion has more power than violence. If a violent person wishes to attack us, then a gentle phrase should be sent to this person and thus, his violence will be pacified. This is why in the Arcanum No. 11 there is a woman who is opening the jaws of a Lion, this is the living force of Persuasion.

Considering this more deeply, we find the Lion with a double head which represents the two Earths, the Visible and the Invisible. The Lion itself is a very important and very interesting animal; they served as hauling animals in Atlantis, they used to haul wagons, they were meek; after the submersion of Atlantis they became furious. The Lion is a living symbol of "Fire".

Observe the Sphinx: it has Lion’s claws, representing Fire. In the Aztec Calendar, or Solar Stone, we find the Lion’s claws. These claws have a very grandiose meaning.

There are many types of Fire: the Fire of lightning, the Fire that is concentrated within plants, the Fire which burns in the interior of the mountains and that is vomited by the volcanoes of the Earth, the Fire that is used for cooking, the Fire that exists in each world; however, in synthesis, we will speak about two: Solar Fire and Lunar Fire. The Solar Fire is Christic, sublime, it is Devi Kundalini. The Lunar Fire is Luciferic, negative, fatal.

The Solar Fire crystallizes into Worlds, Suns, Universes. The Lunar Fire crystallizes in all of those entities that form the Animal Ego. A human being has to develop the 49 Fires in his chakras.

If we Kabbalistically add the No. 11: 1 + 1 = 2; the Arcanum No. 2 is the Priestess, Occult Science, the Divine Mother; she in herself is “Living Fire", and for this reason, she is known in the East as Devi Kundalini in her individual, and Maha Kundalini in her Macrocosmic aspect. To learn how to work with the Fire is vital, this is why the No. 2 is kabbalistically decomposed as 1 Man + 1 Woman, who must work with the Fire, in the Magisterium of Fire.

Man is one unity, Woman is the other, this is the number 11 of the Tarot. Only by working in the Great Work with a woman can the man incarnate the Child of Gold, Horus, the Verb, the Great Word. In this manner, the number 11 is the most multiplicable number. The Arcanum No. 11 is the work with the Fire, with the force of love.

  • Hebrew Letter: „KAPH”
  • Transcendental Axiom: „Joyful in hope, patient in tribulation, be constant in your prayer.”
  • Timetable: Second Hour of Apollonius: „The Abysses of the Fire and the Astral Virtues Form a Circle through the Dragons and the Fire.”
  • Forecasting Element: "It promises control over the direction which is followed, the dominion of the elements, vitality, rejuvenation, acquisition and loss of friends because of family matters. Pains, obstacles, jealousy, treason and resignation in order to withstand the setbacks.


  • Arcanum No. 11 is the Work with the Fire, with the Force of Love, in order to convert ourselves into Living Flames.

Excerpts from the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor

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