Protection of Animals - How It's Made: Foie Gras

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  What is "Foie Gras"?


 Foie Gras Delicacy  Foie Gras means "Fat Liver".

 It's very very luxury menu that originates from France But this dish comes from FORCE FEEDING a goose to make them develope FATTY LIVER DISEASE.

    Source of "Foie-Gras"?         

Source of-Pumping Foond in Geese

Let's see the source of this wonderful dish.

The geese are forced to eat...even if it does not desire to.

 Metal Pipe - Forced Feeding  The metal pipe pass through the throat to stomach ...even if it does not want to eat anything...

...To make the liver bigger and fatter.

Cages where the Geese are been held

 A sad Geese

 Cages are very small and they force the geese to stay in one position to avoid using energy, thus converting all food into fat.

  How sad their eyes show up


Geese's Legs are bloated Cages for Geese

Their legs were bloated from long standing everyday. No need to sleep because they will be caught to eat again.

Although they try to defend themselves But it is useless

 A truely sad life  Forced Feed until Death

 How sad this life is...

They are forced to eat until they are dead or their bodies cant stand with this. You see... the food is over its mouth.

Geese Severe Infection

Not only mouth hurt, throat hurt, all time stomach ache from the food, Fat to bloated legs, no sleep, no excercise but also no free movement for life to see the sky or river.
Liver - Final Product  What do we eat...

 This your Healthy Liver like those Chicken

To get the beautiful and white liver that becomes unusually big like Liver-canned from aboard




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s said:

we have a huge choice of food it can never be justified, especially if it is just for producing an unneccesary food product. How barbaric !
March 07, 2013

henk struijs said:

I have eaten foie gras many times with much pleasure. But I have stopped it, because I feel my pleasure should not depend on animal torturing. There are enough other things that taste good and do not involve these barbarian methods.
Come on all foodies of the world: stop eating foie gras!
March 07, 2013

Angela Cancherini said:

A que ponto podemos chegar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
August 07, 2013

Awake Mind said:

A great amount of karma shall fall upon all those who stupidly cause
the innocent to suffer. They themselves would never want to endure such a suffering yet freely and without hindrance subject innocent others to it, those who cannot defend themselves. This is the problem with human beings who have no essence but instead darkness in its place. Not even God can help them. They deserve the worst suffering.
November 15, 2013

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