Sexuality and Masturbation

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Sexuality and Masturbation - MNEMOTECHNICAL Symbols for Man and Woman

In a modern world of extreme sexual freedom, we enter an ancient and debated topic, like masturbation. Many have written and commented about this topic, but no one had a last word and we continue to ask ourselves: where does the truth lie?

Nowadays, sexologists and the modern sexual education recommend the practice of masturbation. Knowing the mysteries of human nature, gnosis of yesterday and today does not recommend masturbation, and goes further on, saying that it is a practice that creates severe damage rather than helping the human species.

In this article we will offer a few quick notions and an introduction to the topic and we will recommend a series of readings for those of you who want to deepen this topic.

We’ll start etymologically, with the two terms contained within the word: mas (more) and turbatio (latin: rabies, disturbance), that already express the negative consequences of this practice: more long term psychical disturbance, although we may not notice it in the short term.

Johfra- The Energy- The SuperMANAll those who are acquainted with the early science of alchemy or the pure oriental tantric science, know that the sexual energy is of a highly refined type.

The sexual energy contained within our gonads is, in itself, a product of many energetic refinements that take place inside the human organism and is the only body energy or substance that is capable of giving new life (this is to be understood on both physical and spiritual level) and giving it abundantly, if one knows how to work with it correctly.

From the hundreds of different cells forming our organism, only the sexual cells are able to reproduce, to give new life. This simple fact turns them into extremely special energy or matter. It’s like the nuclear energy of our organism and, absurdly, it turns out that the only thing we can think of is to eliminate it, to expulse it in a nonsense, nontranscendent and meaningless way, or for self-pleasing purpose, through masturbation. But, of course, we must admit that we were NEVER given any other information that (highlighted the importance of this sexual energy and said that masturbation is negative for our health.

We have a few hormonal centers in our organism and one of them is related to the sexual centre and this particular sexual energy. Etymologically, the word “hormone” comes from Greek and wants to say, among other meanings, “longings to be”. They help us to be and to exist. It is without dispute that these different hormonal centers help us with the formation and development of our physical, psychical and emotional structure, as well as the diverse functionalisms of our inner being.
Sexuality and Masturbation - Young peopleFurthermore, now making an aside, it is known that each one of the hormonal centers is associated and related to those electromagnetic centers, that the Orientals call chakras and that Christianity called churches, and concretely the sexual centre, or the sexual hormones, are specifically related to the base chakra, or muladhara, in which it is said, lies the Kundalini, the igneous and serpentine base of our spiritual nature.
Continuing with the topic, the hormones are endocrine and, therefore, their energy and effects are secreted and have a place inside the very human organism. Only the sexual energy can be endocrine or exocrine (when we expulse it outside our body, through orgasm), and this is where oriental tantrism and the alchemical science enter the scene, or certain newer studies, like the one presented in this article: “The Creative Energy”, where we are told, in a coherent and scientific manner, that the repercussions upon the human being’s psychical, physical and spiritual nature, while losing or expulsing his sexual energies, are radically distinct than in the case of retaining.

In his work, “Gnostic Ontology” , the contemporary writer and director of AGEAC, Mr. Oscar Uzcategui, literally sets forth the following when asked about masturbation:

Q.: On the subject of masturbation, I have heard classes of sexual education and there we have been told that masturbation is healthy and necessary. What are the views of the Gnostics on this?

: Well, let me tell you that ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’. The asylums are filled with masturbators who damaged their nervous systems abusing of sexuality, through masturbation. Masturbation produces, in the long run, early ejaculation in men, because they accustomed their sexual system to react to mental images that they themselves produced and when they have to deal with a normal sexual relationship, they can barely maintain the erection, because their sphincters do not resist the sexual contact; and this produces bitterness in the marriage, dissatisfaction and infidelities. In many cases the man who got used to masturbation later becomes impotent, because he destroys some nervous threads of his brain and is unable to consummate a normal sexual relationship. So you see how “beneficial” masturbation is. I must also add that masturbation causes psychological damage in young boys and girls, as well as personality disorders, lack of will power, shyness, melancholy and this is why, at times, masturbation has been named a solitary vice.

In his work, the father of contemporary Gnostic anthropology Samael Aun Weor says the following on this subject:

…The energetic cellar of the sexual center is also plundered by the various psychological aggregates. From an early age, the child begins with the vice of masturbation, thus losing fundamental elements for his development, such as lecithin, cholesterin and phosphates. Here begins the via crucis (road of the cross) of the human being. The profound ignorance in which the humanity is living makes this centre the most prejudiced one of all…

Sexuality and Masturbation - AlchemyBesides the fact that, when it is not used to perpetuate the species, the so-called expulsion causes a series of side effects like: an impoverishment in certain vital substances of the organism; enlarges the psychological dependency for this type of practice (the masturbation); in the long run, it will cause disorders (in the man who practices it for a long time), that will create problems in the posterior couple relationships, as well as isolation, etc. What we have just finished reading above.

Far from fanaticism, you must understand the words we say here. Everything is reprehensible and everything is debatable. But there is a fact, in that there are 3 types of sexuality: Generative, De-generative and Re-generative. If we keep staying in the same type of Degenerative sexuality, we will not be able to aim to a physical, psychical or emotional regeneration. You must know this. Everyone has the freedom of choice, but we must consider the consequences and now, even if superficially, you already know it, dear reader: What type of sexuality do you incline for? What do you search for in this life: to degenerate more or to Regenerate yourself?

For those of you who want to enter deeper into these topics, an invitation to read works like: “Perfect Matrimony”, “The Mystery of the Golden Blossom”, “Treatise of Sexual Magic”, belonging to the anthropologist and the father of modern Gnosticism Samael Aun Weor, as well as: “Mutus Liber Speaks”, ”33 Alchemical Engravings”, ”Lambsprinck Revealed”, by Oscar Uzcategui; or to read these articles on our web-page: “Love, Sexuality and Liberation”, “Potentialities of Sexuality”, “The Power of Sex” or “The potentialities of the Creational Energy”.

ANNEXXE: dear reader, the biblical quotes we post below, just for reflection, refer to this particular energy:

Mt. 19:12   ‘For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.’

1 John 2:16,17   ‘For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.’

Leviticus 15:1-3   ‘And the LORD spoke unto Moses and to Aaron, saying: <Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When any man hath a running issue out of his flesh, because of his issue he is unclean. And this shall be his uncleanness in his issue: whether his flesh run with his issue, or his flesh be stopped from his issue, it is his uncleanness.>’

Leviticus 15:16-18   ‘And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even. And every garment, and every skin, whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed with water, and be unclean until the even. The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even.’

These are just an example, but there are many more others..

Sexuality and Masturbation
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alef said:

how can we stop masturbation?
April 20, 2013

Jon said:

The way that seems to work best for me is to practice meditation. Once you can control what you think about, not masturbating will cease to be such a hard thing to master.
Also do what you can to distract yourself especially when the urge arises.
June 04, 2013

Janne-Doe said:

Meditate this way :
Breathe in through your nose very very slowly while thinking of the sound "HAM" and picturing your sexual energy going up.
Breathe out as quickly as you can while making the sound "SAH" with your mouth.
That helps get rid of negative sexual urges.
July 11, 2013

Anonymous said:

Is it possible for people who have already spent years ejaculating to attain Christ consciousness? Will you please expound as much as possible or direct me to an article/book that answers this question?
July 15, 2020

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