Protest and Solidarity Ribbons

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It is necessary to solve the living problem of the Individual and the Society. It is necessary to know if the individual exists for the society or, on the contrary, the society exists for the individual. If the individual exists for the society, he will be a slave and problems of all type will occur. However, if the situation is different, if the society exists for the individual, he will be free and the society, therefore, being the extension of the individual, will be free and happy, and this is the only way in which a new civilization, a new culture can begin.

VOPUS denounces- Protest and Solidarity Ribbons

The use of diverse coloured ribbons has become habitual in order to express our solidarity with persons or groups of persons affected by one tragedy , problem or illness, or in any case, as a signal of repulsion and rejection towards vandal acts, terrorists, wars, social injustices, destruction of the environment etc.

From a local point of view or from a global point of view, we consider that cooperation and solidarity are of great importance, and not only thinking in terms of Christian Charity and Universal Love, but also in terms of each person’s duty towards our society; the duty of making it more just, more human, more conscious, and consequently, freer. Therefore, we have to work all together for a better world.

Unfortunately, we consider that something is missing within this work of the Solidarity Social Action; it is not complete.

VOPUS denounces- Protest and Solidarity Ribbons

And it is not complete as we may fill up our lapels with ribbons in order to make common cause with something or with someone, we can raise our fist and we can raise our voice to protest against any social injustice or maladjustment, we may invest efforts, money and inclusively human lives to help the destitute ones, the poor ones, the hungry ones, the ones wounded in wars or assaults, etc. But, unfortunately, even if things improve, in the end, they will continue the same. Wars, assassinations, sequestrations, assaults, starvation, nakedness, environment's destruction, man's exploitation by man, pedophilia, procuring, prostitution, drug addiction, traffic of narcotics and many others etc. will continue to exist because the source of all these evils, which afflict the human being and the society, is not outside but inside of the human being, and as long as the cause is not corrected, the illness will continue; and even if millions of efforts and money are spent we will continue to have all the imbalances and evils of the society.

This does not mean that we should renounce to help whoever needs it or to raise our protest against the social injustices and absurdities or to economically collaborate with NGOs . No! We are simply saying that besides all these which we consider to be urgent and necessary, we also need to understand the crucial moment in which we are living and to analyze more profoundly the human being in order to comprehend that if we do not change internally the society will not change – meaning, if inside of us selfishness and pride which build physical and human borders, cruelty and hatred which destroy the brotherhood and the love between human beings and nations and sends them to destruction and war, the longing for power and fortune which destroys the nature and the human being itself, and finally, everything that makes us unconscious and abominable continue to exist, then we will enter in a vicious circle which every time will make us go deeper into degradation and destruction.

The society is a projection of the individual and the individual is a projection of his psychological state. What is the human being internally – that is what the society is.

VOPUS denounces- Solidarity, Man and Sociery
VOPUS denounces- Solidarity, Man and Sociery
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