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Work Wisely, Nervous System, Child

It is necessary to be successful in life. If you want to be successful, you should begin by being sincere with yourself; recognize your own errors. When we recognize our errors we are on the path to correcting them.

Everyone who corrects his own errors is inevitably successful. The businessman who daily blames others for his own failures and never recognizes his own errors will not be successful. Remember that the greatest criminals consider themselves to be saints. If we visit a penitentiary we will prove to ourselves that none of the criminals consider themselves guilty. Almost all of them say to themselves, “I am innocent”. Don’t make the same mistake, have the courage to recognize your own errors. Thus will you escape greater evils.

Whoever recognizes his own errors can make a happy home. The politician, scientist, philosopher, and the religious person, etc. that comes to recognize his mistakes can correct them and be successful in life.

If you want to triumph in life, don’t criticize anyone. Whoever criticizes another person is a weakling. And the one who criticizes himself every moment is a giant. Criticism is useless because it hurts the pride of others and provokes the resistance of the victim who then seeks to justify himself. Criticism provokes an inevitable reaction against its maker. If you want to truly triumph in life, listen to this advice. Do not criticize anyone.

The man or woman who knows how to live without criticizing anyone does not provoke resistance nor reactions on the part of his fellowmen, and consequently creates an atmosphere of success and progress. On the other hand, he who criticizes others has many enemies. We have to remember that human beings are full of pride and vanity, and this vanity inherent in them produces a reaction (resentment, hate, etc.) that is directed towards the one who criticizes them. He who wants to correct others should best begin by correcting himself. This gives better results and is less dangerous.

Work Wisely, Nervous System, Anger Management

The world is full of neurasthenic persons. The neurasthenic type is a faultfinder, irritable, and intolerable. There are many causes of neurasthenia: impatience, anger, egotism, arrogance, etc.

A mediator exists between the Spirit and the body: the nervous system. Take care of your nervous system. When your nervous system is irritated by something that exhausts you, it is better to flee from it. Work intensely but with moderation. Remember that excessive work produces fatigue. If you do not pay attention to fatigue, if you continue with excessive work, then fatigue is replaced with excitement. When excitement turns morbid, it becomes neurasthenia. It is necessary to alternate work with pleasant rest so as to avoid the danger of falling into neurasthenia.

Every employer who wants to succeed should be careful of not falling into neurasthenia. The neurasthenic employer criticizes everything and becomes unbearable. The neurasthenic despises patience and as employer becomes the executioner of his employees. Workers who must work under the orders of a neurasthenic and faultfinding employer end up hating the job and the employer. No discontented worker works with pleasure. Many times enterprises fail because the workers are discontented, dissatisfied and do not work efficiently in such circumstances.

The neurasthenic, as worker or office employee, becomes rebellious and ends up being fired from his job.

Every neurasthenic worker seeks any occasion to criticize his employer. Every employer has pride and vanity and it is obvious that he feels offended when his employees criticize him. The worker who lives criticizing his employer ends up losing his job.

Take care of your nervous system. Work moderately. Enjoy yourself healthily. Do not criticize anyone. Try to see the best in all human beings.

An Exercise to Control Your Anger

Do you feel irritated or full of anger? Are you nervous? Reflect a little: remember that anger can provoke gastric ulcers. Control anger through breathing: inhale the vital air very slowly (do not inhale through your mouth; inhale through your nose, keeping your mouth properly closed), mentally counting 1-2-3-4-5-6. Hold the breath mentally counting 1-2-3-4-5-6. Now exhale the breath very slowly through your mouth, mentally counting 1-2-3-4-5-6. Repeat the exercise until your anger subsides.

Work Wisely - Anger Management, Christ
Work Wisely, Nervous System, Anger Management

Anger Management - Nervous System

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