The Sphinx comes from Atlantis

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There existed a marvelous Atlantean University. I want to speak in emphatic terms about AKALDANA SOCIETY, a true university of Wise Men...

The members of the Akaldana Society belonged to that Select People that could leave Atlantis when they understood the fact that a great catastrophe was approaching. At first they settled in the Southern part of the African Continent, and then they migrated towards Cairona (today’s Cairo). Here they built their famous University and in front of it, the Sphinx...

Samael Aun Weor

The Sphinx comes from Atlantis, Egypt, Giza

If the Sphinx would ask Oedipus today: "Which is the animal that existed in Atlantis, existed in Egypt and still exists today?", it would have been better if Thebes hadn’t saved itself...

We have always studied in the history books the fact that the Sphinx of Giza, (the famous monument with lion body and claws, bull paws, vulture wings and human face, approximately 20 meters high and 57 meters wide) is, more or less, about 4.500 years old, according to Official Science.

Even for Science, the origins of Ancient Egypt had always been an enigma, and the archeologists asked themselves many times: "How could such a complex civilization be born two thousand years before Greece and in only five hundred years develop a complete writing system, elaborate a calendar and sophisticated mathematics and besides this, be able to erect the largest stone monuments (known) built by man?"


Geologist Robert Schoch, from Boston University, not only solved the polemic but also added a new enigma to those already existing on Kem’s sun burnt Country (Egypt), declaring the fact that the gigantic and mysterious statue of Giza is some millenniums older than supposed. Schoch based his conclusions on the studies made on the erosions existing on the body of the sphinx. He affirmed the fact that such a severe damage could have only been made by water, which would have implied an intensely rainy climate that didn’t exist in the Giza Plateau when the Pyramids were built.

On the other hand, Mohamed Abu Baker, the director of the organization responsible for the archeological monuments in Egypt, said that the study made with a special measuring device, which determines through vibrations the age of the rocks, had as a result, applying on the calcareous stone from which the statue was built, an age of more than 10.000 years.

Against this, there are Egyptologists such as Lenny Bell from Chicago University who declare with a skeptical loftiness: "I am not willing to accept the fact that we were wrong for so many thousands of years".

Now, if we take into consideration the fact that many legends, Masters (such as Samael Aun Weor and Gurdjief) and several Egyptologists like John Anthony West (who accompanied Schoch in his expeditions), always affirmed the fact that the Sphinx is older than the Egyptian dynasties, we reach to the conclusion that these observations and assertions are finally sustained by geological proofs...

The Sphinx comes from Atlantis, Egypt, Giza
The Sphinx comes from Atlantis, Egypt, Giza
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