The Tiger Knights

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The Humanized Tiger

The Tiger Knights

In the age of the Prehispanic Mexico there were esoteric orders. One of them was called The Order of the Tiger Knights; it was consisted of men who had the honest aspiration of awaking their Consciousness and, more than that, they were willing to develop various virtues, to be able one day to resurrect Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ, within themselves.

The tiger was always related to Wisdom. Some of the attributes to be acquired within the order were SAGACITY and FEROCITY (to go thoroughly into life and to face the Psychological Gymnasium) and the LOOKOUT (the prudence, the mystical watch, to attain the Stage of Alert Novelty, meaning the Self-Observation). The latter permitted them not only to live moment by moment, according to the Philosophy of Momentaneity, but at the same time to live each of their acts as if it would be the last battle on the surface of the Earth.

The Tiger Knights, The Jaguar

They had to obey the Discipline of the Work, that is the annihilation of the False Personality and the Abominable Psychological I (and its numerous aggregates), to be able to collect the Flower of the War of the Roses, meaning of the battle against the self, the one that makes the heart bloom. For this reason, the contemporary anthropologist Samael Aun Weor tells us in one of his works: 'In aspects of the Transcendental Esoterism, I know very well the profound significance of the greeting with the claw.'

The hearts caught in the feline claws symbolize The Death of the Initiate. Turned into tiger, Quetzalcoatl, climbs tearing the heart of the one who he awakens, until he kills in himself all the illusions of the personality, any attachment of the things that keep him bound to earth. In actual fact, the sagacity and ferocity of the tiger are necessary to kill the human personality and to make the Dragon of the Wisdom of the Seven Serpents shine, symbol of the beheaded.

Among the numerous tribes that populate the dense forests of the Amazon, a cult to the jaguar or to the american tiger is raised, considered a sacred animal and even if when they meet it are armed with bows and arrows or even with firearms, they prefer to avoid the meeting, to turn back, rather to pass over their purpose than to encroach against the feline. It is very well known the fact that the shaman or the witch doctor (or better said the priest) of the tribe (one of the administrative authorities) can walk through the woods transformed into a tiger.

In the Aztec Mexico, Ocelotl Tonatiuh (The Tiger’s Sun, one of the twenty founders of Tenochtitlan) was The Head Priest of the Mystical Tiger Warriors of The Order of the Tiger Knights, whose adepts passed terrible tests before learning to handle the Will and Imagination, up to the degree in which they could transform themselves into tigers.

The Tiger Knights, Tonatiuh

They were passing some of these initiatic tests inside a circular Temple which existed in the Great Tenochtitlan, dedicated to the Sun. It was a secret room, a big cave-like salon called TZINACALLI (The House of the Bat); above the lintel of the access gate was hung a large obsidian mirror and in front of the gate was a pine wood stake. Here, the aspirant was brought in the middle of the night and indicated the fact that he had to walk in the dark to the stake and once he was in front of the mirror he says to the Guardian of the Threshold: 'I am a Son of the Great Light. Darkness, move away from me!'.

Above his head bats were beginning to fly around and scream, the pine wood was starting to light up, only the embers remaining to reflect themselves in the mirror… All of a sudden: a loud wing beat, a frightening shriek and a human shadow with a Maxtlatl (specific clothing tr. n.) around the waist, appears in the dark and threatens with a sword with beheading the bold invader of its domains.

Woe to the aspirant who was withdrawing frightened! A hidden door was opening, a warrior was showing him the path of the profane world he came from. But if he held out against the rush of Camazotz (The Bat God), another gate would have opened where a Master received him, the effigy of the aspirant (made of amatl, a type of paper from the precolombian era - tr. n.) burned, while other masters gave them the welcome greeting and left them in the Temple, thus symbolizing the death of the passions of the Initiate’s personality and the step from the darkness towards the Light.

'Without doubt, The Tiger Knights of the Aztec Mexico, besides the fact that they were warriors accustomed to the Tough Battle, were also extraordinary athletes of the Jinn Science' (the introducing of the Physical Body in the Fourth Dimension).

Aztec Jaguar

For this, they used the Elemental Force of the Tiger, with the help of the Inner Radiant Particle, symbolized by the axe, symbol of the lightning which 'The Tiger Men' of the Aztec Mexico use frequently. Lying on tigers’ skins (adopting the posture of the jaguar at rest, asleep), knew how to combine the three elements of the Samyasin: The Will, The Imagination and profound Meditation, in vibrant harmony, while pronouncing the ritualistic phrase: 'We belong to ourselves' taking thus the figure of the jaguar, transforming themselves in real humanized tigers once they were entering the 4th Vertical.

The Humanized Tiger transforms into a concrete reality, not only in the Precortezian Mexico but also in all of Mesoamerica...This is how he appears, transformed into a man, thus we find him in Teotihuacan; raising his heroic arms in a liturgical gesture, with that feline walk that characterises him.
Gnosis and Gnosticism- The Tiger Knights
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