The Mercurial Symbol

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The Medieval Alchemists say that the secret to initiate successfully the Great Work and to work in the Calcination of the Dry Mercury (I-s – Defects) and the Arsenic Sulfur (venomoskirian vibrations of the abominable Kundartiguador Organ), is found the following artifice:

The Mercurial Symbol
In this universal axiom are comprised grandiose knowledge about the alchemical work. Here are a few of the keys of interpretation:

Firstly, we have the Sun as a symbol of Fire, and this found in Aries (Sign of Fire), which is governed by Mars, planet that prints potency, strength, power, makes this fire to ignite and to present itself with a ferocious potency, with all its calcinating, purifying and creative power. Therefore, when the Sun The Sun is in Aries Aries it means that only when this virile potency is manifesting and is completely mature, like the Lunar Force, is when the work can begin, without rushing processes or force the organs.

Simbolul mercurial
In the same way, when the Moon The Moon is in Taurus Taurus it means that the Mercurial Waters or the Alchemist Azote, represented by the Moon, must be capable for the work and benefit from all this fertilizing, generative, harmonious and amorous power that Venus prints, planet which governs Taurus; this Constelation which governs the Larynx relates us then with the Creative Verb of the First Moment, as above, so below.

The Masters of the Hermetic Art continue saying that in order to obtain the Raw Material of the Great Work, which is none other than the Sulphurized Mercury of the Mercurial Sulfur, or the ARCHAEUS, Salt is needed beside Fire(Sulfur) and Water(Mercury), which is known in esoterism as the Philosopher’s Earth (The Physical Body), and which, through the planetary symbols, expresses this way: Salt    

All these prove to be very interesting and illustrative for the tired seekers of the Path. And if to these things we add the following paragraph from the Secret Wisdom:
The Fire of Flegeton and the Water of Acheron intersect in the Ninth Sphere (The Sex), forming the Sign of the Infinite. It is necessary to work with the Water and Fire, origin of beasts, Men and Gods. He who wants to ascend, must first descend, this is terrible. This is the maximum test; almost all of us fail...
Let us now see the symbols mentioned and what they mean, in order to understand thus, the reason of the morphology of this Mercurial Sign: The Mercurial Symbol

We mentioned that the Sun Soarele,representing the Fire or Sulfur, must join the Moon The Moon, meaning the Water, or the Spermatic Chaos and that to this compound must be aggregated, in wise a manner The Salt or Philosopher’s Earth Salt, in order to obtain the Mercury of the Wise The Mercurial Symbol; this latter, in its symbolic morphology, is the result of the summing of all these elements: The Sun, the central circle; The Moon, its horns in the sense of the moon in growth; The Philosopher’s Earth in circle with the cross below, which, even if usually it is found above, in this case must be below, in order to describe the axiom: “In order to ascend, firstly you must descend”; in this way the Sulphurized Mercury, or the Lustral Water, is obtained, being able to achieve the Great Work, which can be illustrated by the following formula:

The Mercurial Symbol
The Mercurial Symbol
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