The Dragon-the logoic reflection

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The Logos and the DragonIn the Sacred Doctrines of the Gnostics can be best discovered the significance of the DRAGON, of the Serpent, of the Male Goat and of all those symbols of Power and of Force’s of Nature and man, which, polarizing themselves with their negative aspect, are called “of evil”.

The Dragons had been considered in all Antiquity symbols of eternity and wisdom.

The hierophants of Egypt, of Babylonia and India were giving to themselves, in general, the name of “SONS OF THE DRAGON AND THE SERPENT”, thus confirming the teachings of the Universal Gnosticism.

The Dragon is the Divine Daimon" of Socrates, the famous “LUCIFER” on the Notre-Dâme Cathedral in Paris, the same “XOLOTL-NAHUATL” of the Aztecs.

The Dragon, Xolotl, is the Living Shadow of Quetzalcoatl (of the Logos, of the Christ), is the bearer of the Light, is Tlahuitzcalpante-Cuhtli, “The Morning Star”, the living symbol of “our Angular Stone”, of the “Cornerstone”, of the “Philosopher Stone”, in which lies the key to all powers.
Lucifer-Prometheus, The Dragon, sometimes taking the form of the Male Goat of Mendez, symbolizes the Sexual Potency. He is the Prince of Light and Darkness and has absolute power over the Heavens, over Earth and over the Infernos.

The Dragon, Xolotl-Lucifer-Prometheus, is by no means an external agent, outside of our Psyche. On the contrary, he is the “shadow” of OUR DIVINE BEING. He is “the psychological trainer” in the gymnasium of practical life.

Certain brotherhoods draw false alarms, make great fuss and hubbub, and spread, here and there and over there, silly and defamatory fabrications against the Gnostic “Solar Chinoupes”, the “Agathodaemon-Christ”, the “Serpent” of Genesis, against “Lucifer-Nahuatl”, the shiny “Dragon of Wisdom”.

Xolotl-Lucifer is badly looked and alienated by those rude “wisdom models”, who rejecting the life-giving Spirit, have literarily interpreted the alegory of “the war in Heaven” and of “the battle of Michael against the Dragon”, without understanding its profound significance...

Without doubt, our Inner, Profound Being, like in all Legends of heroes who fight against the Dragon, must kill it, meaning that He has to come out victoriously and winning from all the temptations put by him and that is why it is said that, once defeated, we convert ourselves in “Sons of the Dragon”. How can the virtues germinate in us if the temptation would not exist?

Bel and the Dragon, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, Apollo and Python, Krishna and Kaliya, Osiris and Typhon, Michael and The Red Dragon, Saint George and the Dragon, are (the latter) always the Shadow of the “Personal Divine Logos” of each and everyone of them and us, projected in our own psyche for our own good.
The Dragon, that Force similar to a fuel, is the one who, used wisely, can give an impulse to our inner development, or on the contrary, used negligently, can lead us to the abyss of perdition...

Mythological Battles: Quetzalcoatl, Apollo and Python, Krishna and Kaliya, Osiris and Typhon, Michael and the Red Dragon, Saint George and The Dragon;
The Dragon: the logoic reflection.
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