The Fairytales – A Spiritual Alchemy

Written by Mapi Marrero Naranjo   
The Fairytales – A Spiritual Alchemy
Young children, before the age of 7, are filled with Sensibility and true Interior Beauty because through them only the alive Essence of life is expressed, in the absence of the Psychological Ego.

Samael Aun Weor - "Fundamental Education".

We must become like the children in order to enter the Kingdom of the Skies. But sometimes we even forget the children...

We know that our Interior Psychological Work is fundamental in order to eliminate our flaws, in order to be able to crystallize each one of the latent Virtues inside us and to obtain the ultimate and eternal state of purity and bliss.

Child: Fairytales

This work must be conscious and based on correct efforts. It supposes a great effort on our part to maintain that constant state of remembering ourselves from time to time. But how can we make a 5 year old child understand what sometimes is even hard for us to understand?

There is a wonderful world, full of symbolism, that helps a child understand the necessity of being better every day and how this can be obtained. Usually we tell them: ‘You have to be better’, But they ask us: ‘And how can I do that?’ And sometimes we find ourselves faced with some questions that leave us perplexed: ‘And what is bad in not being good?’

Our materialistic world teaches them that the mean ones get whatever they want through violence, how can we make them understand that there is a Superior Force called LOVE, which obtains everything that is suggested without violence? How can we make them understand what is that we really have to obtain and what we must yearn for?

Fairytales are the simplest and most complete way to make them reach this knowledge.

These ones talk about ALCHEMY and KABALA in such a discrete form, that we don’t even notice.

Through fairytales like ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Snow White’ we are told, once more, about the necessity to transmute the MATTER-LEAD into pure SPIRITUAL-GOLD through a series of daily tests that the protagonists of the stories handle stoically, without ever losing their goodwill towards the ones who offend them.

So, Cinderella helps her step sisters that go to the ball with love, and sitting in the ash of the house, near the fireplace, which is the symbol of communication between Sky and Earth, doesn’t complain, nor avenges. The same is with Snow White, who despite her step-mother’s malice and this one’s attempts to take her life doesn’t organize a riot in order to assault the castle.

This way, through their gentleness, the characters in the fairytales give us a lesson of Patience and Kindness. They teach us the modality to get our Spiritual Alchemy.

The real Alchemist transmutes not only his Creative Energies, but also all the situations that life offers him, even if these are pleasant or unpleasant.

The probations of the Initiate: Fairytales

The tests that the characters in the fairytales must overcome are profound symbols of the Initiatory Road, as it happens in the story ‘The magic stalk’, which symbolizes the Spiritual Ascension and the victory against the Ogre (paradigm of the most brutish things inside us: envy, pride, lust, avarice, vanity, etc.)

We also see reflected in them, the Esoteric Kabala: Number 7 is constantly repeated in stories like ‘Snow White’: the 7 years, the 7 dwarfs with their little beds, chairs, plates; this constant tries to remember us its potentiality in the Creation.

In Tarot, the Arcane nr. 7 represents the road of fights and efforts, tests, sufferings, but in the end, if the efforts are made with perseverance and if there is patience and serenity, the hoped triumph will come.

Also, in many narrations we discover Number 3. It is the expression of the sacrifice that precedes any creative act and that is why it appears in all magical practices. There are usually 3 fairies invited to the baptisms and weddings of the princes and princesses; 3 enigmas that must be revealed during the magical narratives; 3 wishes to ask to the genie; 3 tests that the protagonists must overcome, etc., among other things, this ternary is the rhythm of life itself: Youth, Maturity, Senescence; or otherwise said, Birth, Life and Death.

The happy ending is the expression of all esoteric knowledge which tells us that the unique and true happiness is found in the overcoming of the material obstacles and in the elimination of the grasp of our Psychological Egos. Let’s analyze this last phrase that crowns every happy ending: ‘An' the wheel bend, an' the story end.’ This saddle is red and not otherwise, alluding to the color that our seminal waters must obtain through transmutation and purification, in order to reflect also the Red Pheasant, which is the one that signals, symbolically, the step previous to the appearance of Kundalini’s Sacred Fire, when that Magical Powers Snake starts to awaken.

In other eras, the symbols were not that far from the rational understanding like nowadays.

The man, losing his gifts of the Internal Perception Senses that were allowing him to be in direct contact with the Gnomes, the Undines and the Fairytales, ignored them and considered them something illusory and phantasmagoric, but not their children, who during their more innocent and pure stage know and are in contact with this Magical and Real World.

The Fairytales

That is why, we mustn’t forbid our children to use their ‘Fantasy’ which, in reality, is Conscious Imagination; if we do this, all their spiritual life will lose its force.

We, as parents and teachers, we must help them not to lose these wonderful powers. We have the instruments that, charitably, the Venerable Master Samael gave us; let’s use them!

It is our duty not to let the children lose what is for us very difficult to reclaim now.

Given the fact that they are the hope of the future, and as we don’t know how much time we have left, and that we, the adults, we have already lost a lot; it is our obligation not to let at least them lose them.

Let us promote these wonderful powers that they still preserve and let’s help them in their interior work with narrations apparently so infantile, so innocent, that allow them to reach what is really inside them. Let’s remember the quotation of Mircea Eliade, a profound connoisseur of myths and esotericism: "Every man wants to live in dangerous situations, to be confronted with exceptional sufferings, to get inside the world beyond, and all these can be experimented, by reading or by listening the Fairytales".

Mapi Marrero Naranjo

The Fairytales – A Spiritual Alchemy title=
The Fairytales – Alchemy/Kaballa
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